February 2021 Updates

Digital Literacy Activities

As you might remember from the previous updates, EARtH foundation has started Digital Literacy program in January 2021 and the program has been running with full speed. We provided extra community teachers (on top of regular staff members) in the schools where Digital Literacy is being implemented. Each village is divided into multiple centers (typically 3 to 4). Each center will have 3 batches of students. Batches run from 9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm & 2pm to 4 pm. This way, each tablet is shared by 3 different kids. Each kid will have a profile on the tablet.

Personality Development Gallery

Childline -1098 Activities

EartH Foundation partnered with Childline-1098 for two districts (Peddapally and Siricilla). More information can be found here. Childline stats as of February 2021 can be seen in the below picture.

In February 2021, We discussed Child Rights, Issues and DCPU body structure  and their Role. This Meeting  ZP Chair person- Nelakonda Aruna Raghava Reddy, SP- Rahul Hegde, Add. Collector/DWO – Anjaiah , CWC Chairperson- Kumuraiah, DEO- Radhkishan, Deputy DM & HO, Ass. Labour Officer- Chakradhar Reddy, DPO- Sridevi, BRB Coordinator – Sucheritha, DCPO- Swarunalatha , ICPS and Childline Staff participated.

Childline Advisory Board (CAB) in Rajanna Siricilla

On 5/02/2021 we formed Childline Advisory Board (CAB) with line departments Chairmanship of District Collector sri. Krishna Bhaskar sir. It is conducted at 11.04 AM at Collector Conference Hall In Rajanna Sircilla. In this meeting we explained  EArtH CHILDLINE  History and what is CAB and Importance of CAB.  CHILDLINE Activities like: No. Of outreach, Awareness, Interventions and open Houses from 1st June 2020 to 31st January 2021. After that we requested few services with Line departments.

Openhouse in Rajanna Siricilla

We conducted open House on 19/02/2021 at  ChinthalTana in Vemulawada Urban Mandal. This programme DCPO Swarunalatha madam and Village sarpanch were participate.  Here we identified  Childlabour, Child marriages and Dropouts Childrens. We explained disadvantages child marriages and punshiments. The dropout issue we intimate to DEO sir in Convergence Meeting.

Mandal Advisory Board in Peddapalli

We Conducted  MAB ( Mandal Advisory Board) meeting at anthargaon mandal, Peddapalli. This meeting presided over by MRO. In this meeting we explained about childline 1098 services, Child marriage, child labour, Child related issues. In this meeting CWC Chairperson,members, MEO, CDPO, RI, VRO’s, PANCHAYAT SECRETARYS, LABOUR DEPARTMENT, EDUCATION DEPARTMENT were participated.