August 2023 Updates


Childline 1098

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three districts. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in April 2023 is 14. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 3682. Please note that EArtH’s childline partnership in Siddipet has ended in March 2023 so we will not be reporting any numbers for Siddipet from now. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Chandrayaan-3 triumph

The success of Chandrayaan 3, launched by ISRO, stands as a monumental achievement that has brought immense pride to India on the global stage. Under the EArtH Foundation’s guidance, awareness programs have been actively undertaken in adopted schools to educate children about this remarkable feat. These initiatives involve the use of flexis, rallies, drawing, and essay writing competitions. High school students are encouraged to explore their scientific talents, promoting interest in science and technology.

In Bhumpalli village, a live program was organized to demonstrate the Chandrayaan 3 mission’s landing on the moon through projectors. Village children and residents witnessed this historic event, and their joy was palpable as they celebrated with Indian flags and chants of “Jai Bharat.” Some children even expressed their joy through patriotic dances. The village sarpanch, headmaster, and parents shared in this collective happiness.

The concluding program for Chandrayaan 3 was held at Thimmapur High School, featuring various activities led by the headmaster. The children began with patriotic songs and then shared their opinions on Chandrayaan 3. As part of their project work, the students created rockets and conducted science experiments inspired by Chandrayaan 3. Earth Foundation’s Executive Director, Raju, and Director Vennela graced the event. Raju expressed his pride in Chandrayaan 3’s success and encouraged every Indian to set goals and work diligently toward them. Director Vennela applauded the children who had undertaken science experiments, fostering a spirit of appreciation for their efforts and curiosity in science.

Rangoli Celebration in Maharashtra

In August, vibrant Rangoli celebrations lit up all EArtH villages in Maharashtra on the independence day. Children joyfully displayed their creativity through various street Rangoli designs, as depicted in the pictures.

MAP (Mother Awareness Program) 

In August 2023, the MAP (Mother Awareness Program) was conducted in Bhumpalli, Kasulabad, under the guidance of EArtH Director Vennela. This program aimed to educate mothers on how to spend quality time with their children after school, emphasizing the importance of reducing TV serials at home and dedicating at least one hour to their children. In Bhumpalli, a one-minute game with three different activities was organized for the mothers, and prizes were awarded to the winners, presented by Chief Guest Sri Bakki Venkanna.

Another MAP meeting took place in MPPS Kasulabad School on August 4, 2023, where parents discussed their compliance with the previous meeting’s topics, such as sending their children to school regularly and reducing TV serials. The agenda included parents observing their children’s activities at home and spending one hour daily with their children, with an explanation of the benefits. Prizes were distributed to the mothers through one-minute games.

On August 26th, the same program was organized in Thimmapur. Parents provided feedback on the summer camp, mentioning that their children were now less involved with mobile devices and TV. Vennela emphasized the importance of parents spending an hour daily with their children and how to communicate effectively. This interaction and observations were to be discussed in the next MAP program. The MAP program effectively promoted parental involvement and quality time with their children to enhance their well-being.

Independence Celebration

Independence Day was celebrated with grandeur at Earth-adopted schools in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Children dressed as famous freedom fighters, marched with national flags, and chanted patriotic slogans. They danced to patriotic tunes in village centers. Teachers explained India’s independence struggle in schools. The EArtH team visited schools, educating children about freedom fighters and their sacrifices, emphasizing their role in nation-building. The event concluded with prize and sweets distribution. It was a patriotic celebration that inspired the young generation to contribute to their country’s progress.

State Level sports school selections

The State Level Sports School Selections took place at Hakimpet Sports School in Hyderabad on August 8th. Earth Foundation’s PET, Suresh, along with student Lakshmiprasanna and her father, arrived at the center a day prior to the event. Children from all districts of the state attended the selection and registered a day in advance.

On the following day, the competition began with vertical running in the early morning and continued throughout the day until 7:40 PM. Participants from all districts put up strong performances, providing tough competition. Initially, Lakshmiprasanna felt nervous and looked at everyone apprehensively. However, Earth’s PET Suresh provided encouragement and reminded her of the techniques he had taught over the past month. Ultimately, she excelled in all events, earning merits in each one.

Teachers’ Honors Program

There are only a few dedicated teachers in government schools, and one of them is Mr. Krishnamurthi at Kasulabad Primary School. He has attended school regularly for the past three years without taking a single leave. He arrives at school by 8:30 AM and provides special tuition for children even after regular school hours. He dedicates an extra 30 minutes to clear doubts for students and communicates with parents about irregular attendance.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to children’s development through such programs, the Earth Foundation honored him and presented him with a prize. After receiving this honor, he expressed his deep happiness and gratitude to the EArtH Foundation.

Computer center inauguration in Velkatur

Computer training has commenced at Velkatur High School as part of the Science on Wheels program. Computer knowledge is an essential aspect of modern education. A computer training center was established on August 8, 2023, as a means to provide quality education to rural government school children who lag behind in this field. Every day, a computer trainer conducts one-hour classes for students from 6th to 9th grade, totaling 103 children. They have covered topics like computer introduction, MS Paint, and MS Word, with the current focus on MS Excel.

Additionally, sports programs have been initiated at Bhumpalli and Kasulabad High Schools. The Physical Education Teacher (PET) leads daily sessions, including yoga asanas and games played with proper rules and regulations. These initiatives aim to enhance both computer literacy and physical fitness among students.

Sports Material Distribution in Bhumpalli

The EArtH Foundation’s school adoption program held on August 10th was a grand event in the village. DCCB Director Bakki Venkaya graced the occasion as the chief guest. The meeting, chaired by the Bhumpalli school Headmaster, commenced at 11:40 AM and saw the participation of several dignitaries, including the village sarpanch, MPTC, ward members, DCCB Chairman Bakki Venkaya, Earth Foundation Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju, and Director Vennela.

The school Headmaster expressed joy at the school’s adoption, while Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju outlined the foundation’s three-year plan, objectives, and the need for parental and village elder cooperation. DCCB Director Bakki Venkanna praised the foundation’s work, expressing surprise at the children’s talent and happiness that the foundation cared for them. He also shared how the foundation’s services were needed in their village, and he appreciated the foundation’s adoption of their village.

The program concluded with the distribution of sports materials, ties, belts, and badges to the children by DCCB Chairman Bakki Venkaya.

PT, Yoga, Dance and Games

The yoga instructor introduced various yoga postures such as Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Ardhachakrasana, Padmasana, Trikonasana, Shirshasana, Chakrasana, and meditation. Students enthusiastically engaged in the practice, finding it beneficial for physical and mental well-being. Yoga enhanced concentration, intelligence, memory, and provided energy while reducing stress, promoting a calm mind. Additionally, during certain yoga asanas, three to four-minute songs were played to accompany the practice.

The purpose of sports and physical education is to maintain physical balance through proper movement of the arms and legs. All students participate in school activities to keep their bodies and minds healthy. Children are actively engaging in games using the provided materials and are very happy and willing to do so.

Bags Distribution program

On August 4th, 2023, the Earth Foundation organized a bags distribution program at MPPS Kasulabad Primary School, attended by the students’ parents. As part of their efforts to support education, the Earth Foundation provides various items like uniforms, tie belts, badges, and bags to the schools they adopt. This particular event saw the distribution of bags to 145 children, with the school donors’ family members as honored chief guests.

On August 26th, a similar bags distribution program unfolded at MPPS Thimmapur School, also under the Earth Foundation’s purview. This initiative entailed distributing bags, ties, belts, badges, and uniforms to 103 children. The event featured chief guests including District Sectoral Officer Bhaskar, Earth Foundation Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju, and Director Vennela.

During the meeting, the school headmistress underscored the positive transformations brought about by the Earth Foundation in the students and expressed gratitude for the organization’s support. Raju sir elaborated on the foundation’s multifaceted activities and sought continued cooperation from teachers and parents. Sectoral Officer Bhaskar commended the foundation’s services and committed to extending their reach to more schools. The program left children and parents feeling thankful and content with the support they received.