August 2023 Updates


Adoption of the Kammarlapalli village

On August 19th, the EArtH Foundation organized a school adoption event in Siddipet, with Siddipet-SO Sri Bhasker as the chief guest. Kammarlapalli Primary School was adopted in the presence of parents and village stakeholders, starting at 11:20 AM under the school Headmaster’s guidance. Village dignitaries, including Sarpanch Yellaiah Yadav, ward members, Earth Foundation Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju, and Director Vennela, were warmly welcomed on stage.

The event featured dances and yoga asanas performed by the children in front of the guests. The school Headmaster and Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju expressed their happiness in adopting the school, outlining the foundation’s plans for the next three years and emphasizing the necessary cooperation from parents and village elders. Chief guest SO Bhaskar expressed his joy in adopting Kammarlapalli and highlighted his commitment to participating in EArtH Foundation activities despite a busy schedule.

In conclusion, the school Headmaster shared his inspiration from witnessing EArtH Foundation activities in Thimmapur and Arepalli schools.

Mother’s Awareness Day (MAP) in Kammarlapalli

Following the adoption program, a Mothers’ Awareness Program was led by Director Vennela. She emphasized the importance of mothers spending significant time with their children, encouraging them to observe their activities and communicate effectively. The discussion, lasting 45 minutes, involved mothers sharing their feelings about their children. The program concluded with one-minute games, initially met with hesitancy but gradually gaining interest and participation. Prizes were distributed to the winners by the chief guest, leaving mothers feeling delighted as it was the first program of its kind.

Successful selection of one child to a sports school

Due to the EArtH Foundation’s efforts, a noteworthy achievement was accomplished as Laxmiprasanna from MPPS Jakkapur school successfully secured a spot in the state-level sports school selections held last month. The school and parents were promptly informed, and everyone celebrated Laxmiprasanna’s success. Sweets were distributed to all the children courtesy of the Earth Foundation. Village sarpanch, MPTC, and local leaders visited the school to appreciate the child and the foundation. The villagers, proud to have a representative from their community, expressed immense happiness over this significant accomplishment.

Distribution of bags at Jakkapur school

On September 12th, the EArtH Foundation distributed school bags in MPPS Jakkapur, marking the third school in the academic year to receive bags alongside education and skills activities. The program, commencing at 11:00 AM, welcomed parents and distinguished guests, including ZP Chairperson Sri Veleti Roja Radhakrishna Sherma, ZPTC Yellareddy, Earth Foundation Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju, and Director Vennela. The meeting, chaired by the school HM, featured speeches from ZP Chairperson, Earth Foundation Executive Director Raju, and Director Vennela. The HM highlighted the success of a student selected for a sports school with EArtH Foundation’s support, expressing gratitude for the ongoing assistance. Raju outlined the foundation’s services, stressing parental cooperation. Director Vennela emphasized daily parental involvement for future success, contrasting it with high private school fees. SMC chairman praised the foundation’s impact on his daughter’s education. The ZPTC lauded Earth Foundation’s services, distributing bags to 179 children. The program closed with the appreciation of Laxmiprasanna’s parents for her achievement in securing a sports school seat.

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

On September 5th, a Teachers’ Day celebration took place, commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Since 1962, India has annually celebrated Teachers’ Day to honor the vital role teachers play in society. Teachers are recognized as pillars of our community, shaping the lives of our children. During the event, students expressed their gratitude to teachers by presenting garlands of flowers and gifts. In return, teachers paid tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by adorning his photo with flowers and sharing insights into his greatness with the students. The celebration included various activities, such as patriotic song performances, speeches, and dances by the students, fostering a festive and appreciative atmosphere. Teachers’ Day serves as a meaningful occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the valuable contributions of educators in shaping the future.

Clay Ganesh Awareness program and celebrations

    As part of the Ganapati celebrations, awareness programs were conducted in EArtH Adopted villages, educating both villagers and students on the significance of worshipping clay Ganesha. A day before the festival, a rally involving children was organized in the village, where they were informed about the benefits of clay Ganesha worship and the drawbacks of colored idols. Awareness flex banners were prominently displayed at village centers. Children gathered clay, and after lunch, they crafted Ganesha idols, adorning them with flowers and miniature trees. Each morning, before the pledge, the children adorned and worshipped Lord Ganesha during the Navratras. On the final day of the celebrations, children, teachers, and Earth Foundation staff participated in Kolatam dances before immersing Lord Ganesha. This tradition was upheld in every EArtH Adopted school, with all the children actively engaging in Ganapati celebrations.

SMC Meetings

SMC meetings on September 23rd at Kasulabad and Velkatur were vital forums for parents, teachers, and community representatives to discuss and address educational matters. These gatherings facilitated collaboration to enhance the educational experience, deliberate on policies, and monitor student progress, playing a pivotal role in fostering community engagement for holistic educational development.


The SMC meeting commenced today at 10:30 AM under the school HM’s chairmanship. High school HM, Earth Foundation coordinator Mudra Raju, and SMC chairman were invited. The school HM briefed on children’s progress and facilities. Coordinator Raju addressed irregularities and concerns for Chenchu’s children. The SMC chairman called for parental presence and, after showcasing children’s dances and skills activities, everyone was pleased.

In Velkaturu School, an SMC meeting commenced at 11:20 AM under the HM’s chairmanship, with EArtH Foundation Director Vennela and SMC chairman present. The HM discussed school funds, children’s relocation to new classrooms, and Foundation activities. Director Vennela observed changes in children, emphasized parental responsibility, and highlighted teacher cooperation for this year’s activities.

District Level Under 14 & 17 Kabaddi & Kho-Kho tournaments

Under the auspices of the School Games Federation (SGF), an under-14 and under-17 sports event took place at Siddipet Parade Ground. Inaugurated by Siddipet MLA and Hon’ble Minister Mr. Harish Rao, along with Siddipet Collector, the games involved Earth-adopted villages Bhumpalli and Kasulabad. Nine high school children from Kasulabad and five from Bhumpalli were selected for the district level in Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. The two-day event featured Kabaddi on the first day and Kho-Kho on the second. Notably, Rithwika, a 9th-grade student from Kasulabad, secured a place at the state level in Kabaddi.  

 Computer training and Skills  activities in high schools  

The skills program in Earth-adopted high schools is achieving success. Following the completion of computer training at Velkatur High School, the program extended to Bhumpalli village. Currently, 198 children have completed computer introduction, paint, and MS Word. Many students, lacking a computer background, express joy in learning. Additionally, Bhumpalli and Kasulabad high schools incorporate daily meditation, various yogasanas, and warm-up exercises for enhancing children’s physical fitness. Although initially challenging, children now perform these exercises adeptly and willingly spend more time, showcasing notable improvement in their daily routines.