November 2023 Updates


Kriya National competition

​KRIYA, an organization dedicated to education and skills in Andhra Pradesh, orchestrates the Pillala Panduga children’s festival to advance activity-based learning in government schools. This National-level inter-school cultural competition spans sub-junior, junior, and senior categories, with ten students from Jakkapur and Kammarlapalli participating. Staff, including senior program coordinator Raju and MAP Coordinators Niharika, played pivotal roles. With 7000 students from both Telugu states in 29 categories, KRIYA provided training in drawing, dance, fancy dress, and storytelling. Sub-junior students from both villages excelled in a Lotus Flower drawing competition, with two participants from each. Jakkapur’s five-member dance group captivated with a well-practiced folk performance, receiving acclaim and outshining competitors. In the Fancy Dress competition, a Jakkapur student dressed as an astronaut stole the spotlight. The storytelling activity featured one student from each village, showcasing creativity and performance skills in line with their chosen stories.

EArtH on Wheels

Mobile Science Lab

The Earth Foundation organized the “Earth Foundation on Wheels – Mobile Science Lab Learning by Doing” program at Siddipet High School. Inaugurated by Sectoral Officer Sri Bhaskar Garu and attended by Co-founder Kalaveni Srinivas, the Director, Senior Program Coordinator, and Earth staff, the program aims to provide practical equipment for physics, biology, and chemistry to high school students in adopted schools. This initiative addresses the lack of such facilities in many public schools. The foundation aspires to extend this opportunity to all public schools, emphasizing the value of practical knowledge over theoretical learning. Each adopted school receives the practical material for 45 days, allowing students to perform experiments and enhance their understanding of subjects. Science teachers actively participated in the training program, conducting experiments with the provided equipment, ultimately providing students with a valuable hands-on learning experience.

Computer Training

The Earth Foundation on Wheels – computers has taken a significant stride by extending its services from primary schools to high schools, now catering to students from 6th to 10th standards in public schools. This expansion includes a 45-day program covering computer education, spoken English, science projects, yoga, sports, and motivational sessions. Recognizing the prevalence of depression among students, the motivational speaker aims to inspire and uplift them. The computer education component addresses the growing importance of technology, teaching the basics and functionality to students from rural backgrounds. The program, initiated in Bhompally, successfully concluded with a farewell for volunteers and a drawing competition. Beyond computer knowledge, students also engaged enthusiastically in yoga, sports, and dance activities. The program has now moved on to Thimmapur village.

Diwali Celebrations

The festival of lights, Diwali, has arrived, bringing brightness to all. To mark this joyous occasion, Earth Foundation distributed sweets to all its staff. Additionally, the team identified families of poor students from our adopted schools and supplied them with groceries, illuminating their lives with celebratory gestures. The students and their families expressed immense happiness and gratitude towards the Earth Foundation for the thoughtful and festive contributions.

Voting Awareness

The Bharat Election Commission organized a voter enrollment program, coinciding with our foundation’s initiative to display banners in Akbarpet, Bhoompalli, Thogutha, Dhoulabad, Rayapol, Mirdoddi villages in Dubbaka Constituency, and certain areas in Peddapalli Constituency. The purpose was to raise awareness among voters, emphasizing the importance of ethical voting practices. The campaign urged voters not to engage in corrupt practices such as accepting money or benefits from politicians. The message conveyed a simple plea for voters to cast their votes for genuine politicians in an honest manner, promoting a fair and unbiased electoral process.

Social Media Awareness

These images capture moments from a program designed for volunteers in our adopted schools. The primary goal is to train them in photographing students engaged in various activities. Our unique role involves not only delivering services to students but also showcasing these endeavors to the world. Recognition and growth hinge on effectively documenting our work. To enhance photography and videography skills, training sessions were conducted by Sri Rajkumar Garu, facilitated by the co-founder, director, senior program coordinator, and other Earth staff members. This ensures that the visual representation of our efforts aligns with our commitment to providing meaningful services to students.

Dance Yoga, PT Robotics, in Maharashtra

The dance event commenced with a class 1 patriotic performance, instilling nationalism among students through a chosen song. Students participated spontaneously. Subsequently, class 7 girls presented the Tarpa dance at a district-level competition organized by Maharashtra Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, supported by Earth Foundation. The audience praised the performance, providing a unique and enriching experience for the students. Additionally, Physical Training (PT) in schools contributes to students’ physical development and muscle strength. Various types of PT exercises aid in overall student development. Karate practice is also implemented for both physical and mental development, focusing on punch and block techniques for students.

Dance Competition

On November 7th, students from Bhahegaon Zilla Parishad School participated in a group-level folk dance competition organized by Earth Foundation. They performed two songs, including an energetic Koli Dance, expressing joy and enthusiasm in devotion to the goddess Ekvira Aai. This traditional dance, native to the Konkan coast in Maharashtra, involves a vow to the goddess and subsequent fishing in the sea, celebrating with brought fish. Additionally, class 7 girls presented the Tarpa dance, a tribal dance from Kinwat, Vidarbha, during a competition organized by the Maharashtra Labor Welfare Board. The experience has sparked excitement among the children, motivating them for future dance competitions