November 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in November 2022 is 68Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 4059. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

ATA Balotsav

ATA stands for Awardee Teachers Association. This event is organized by the winners of NATIONAL BEST TEACHERS AWARD of AP and Telangana. It is conducted every year on or before the children’s day festival. This year the program was conducted from November 12 to November 14. Students from our adopted schools registered themselves and started practicing. In this program, our director, senior coordinator, dance master and volunteers stood by the children and made sure they performed well. There were painting, elocution, poetry, essay writing, singing, dancing, classical performances, folk performances, crafts, monodrama, and letter writing activities. From all our adopted schools, a total of 32 students participated from 5 villages of Rajanna Sircilla and new adopted schools as well. Our students gave very tough competitions and grabbed many prizes in every category. It was cherishing to see them give a tough fight to the private school students and earn prizes. This was completely encouraging to the EArtH staff to see their hard work in providing services is paying off (we engage students in all extracurricular activities in addition to academics and make sure students show and improve their latent talents). Each and every person who was a part of this event has put a lot of dedication and made this participation successful with their true efforts. All the prize winners were given prizes and participation certificates as well. EArtH participants won the following Prizes:

Event 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize
Fancy dress solo 2    
Toy making with clay     1
Monologue     1
Janapadham     1
Essay Writing     1
Janapadham (solo) 2 1 2
Patroitic group dance   1  

Children’s Day

Here comes the favorite day of children, which is the children’s day. As few of the students went to the ATA program, the rest of the students from all the adopted schools celebrated this children’s day in a simple manner. In Nimmapally school, students became teachers and taught their fellow friends like their favorite teacher. In other schools, students learned about the great personality on whose birthday this day is celebrated. Students gave speeches about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Garu. They also offered prayers to that great person and performed their talents like singing and dancing.

Sports Kit Distribution, Jakkapur

Generally, the feeling of school comes when a student is dressed in full uniform. Full uniform comprises a dress, tie, belts and shoes. As the EArtH Foundation staff, we fulfilled this by distributing ties, belts, badges and also the favorite of the students; sports material was given to them. MEO, MPDO and SI sir participated in this program. From EArtH Foundation, our director, senior coordinator, MAP coordinator, dance master, PET, volunteers, students and parents took part in it. All the guests appreciated the services given by our foundation in all the three aspects of EDUCATION, ART, and HEALTH.

Mother’s Awareness Program (MAP)

This was the first MAP program conducted in the Kasulabad village of Mirdoddi Mandal. This was the newly adopted school in the Siddipet district. As it was the first MAP program, mothers were given complete awareness about the EArtH Foundation and its services to the students. In this program, the village sarpanch, our senior coordinator, MAP coordinator and volunteers got involved. Our senior coordinator explained to the mothers about how they need to be with children and know about their academics and cleanliness. Our MAP coordinator also explained the things that a mother needs to follow in improving their child’s academic performance. Finally, the mothers played the one-minute games and earned prizes. As this program was conducted under the auspices of village sarpanch, they distributed groceries to the students of poor families and ensured that they were to be of support for them.