February 2020 Updates

As part of ensuring all-round development of children, we focused on education and related activities in this month. It involves volunteers to make the children read lessons and the same should be written in
student exercise sheet. We provided vocabulary charts to improve their language and skills. Every week, four special classes on hand-writing were conducted.

Computer and spoken English

As we have done in previous month same way this time also we continued on computer classes in Guttikonda High school. In this month we have completed Ms word , key Board typing speed and Hand writing session also. Same way focused on spoken English classes in Kothapallem High school. Apart from this we completed Active voice & passive voice and Body parts names the topics . Our special session of Tuition, we focused on tuition for student preparing for SSC examination and other final exams.

Special Activity of this Month – PARENTS AWARENESS QUESTIONNAIRE

Which we have recently adopted schools of Gopalnagar, Nizamabad & Nimmapalli schools in Rajanna siricilla district, we conducted PARENTS AWRENESS survey about how much Mothers have Awareness of their
children. Survey has been conducted upto two weeks . Most of the parents they don’t have any idea of their children.