January 2020 Updates

Annual Skills competitions event

Every year EArtH foundation conducts its annual skills competition around January. This is the event all schools eagerly look forward to exhibit the skills they gained.

The EArtH Skills Competition 2020 event has ended as highly successful. There was a lot of  enthusiasm, passion, and hard work put in by everyone including HMs, kids, EArtH staff, volunteers, etc. Very encouraging to see positive competition among the school HMs wanting their school kids to win the competitions.

Please look at the flyer for a list of competition categories and other details of the competition event. The pics give you a glimpse of how the event went.

Pre-Annual Skills Event

EArtH’s Pre-Annual Skills Competitions happen among the kids who ended up as winners and runners from the Intra school competitions among EArtH adopted schools. Intra school competitions happen for a few weeks after undergoing significant training and practice.

Here are the pics that give you a glimpse of the Intra schools competitions.