Childline - Rajanna siricilla

In March 2020, EArtH started our Childline Chapter in Rajanna siricilla, with the help of the Mother organisation CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) and the Ministry of Women and Child development. Click the link for more information about the Childline concept.

The table shows the details of cases we completed interventions as of January 2021. EArtH is delighted to have saved so many children in such a short period of time.

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Case Studies

Case study 1 – Child Marriage

Child background:  

Fifteen year old girl <name hidden> is  S/o Narayana from Shivaparuvathipuram, vemulawada Mandal, Rajanna Sircilla.

Distress situation/circumstances:

We got this case  from CCC on 7/08/2020 at Tippapur in Vemulawada (MDL), Rajanna Sircilla (Dst). After getting the information, we talked to all relevant departments. With their support, we went to the child’s house and met the parents to know all the details. Her father said that “Child’s Mother was expired in Childhood and  I am the daily wage labour and  the bridegroom is the Near relation and well Known person so we decided to get her married”.

Intervention:  CHILDLINE 

We verified the child age was under 18 so we counselled the parents and talked about the disadvantages of child marriage. We also explained that child marriage is illegal as per Child Marriage Act 2006 that can lead to punishment for parents. After explaining, we got a letter from the parents that the girl won’t get married until she is at least 18 years.

Present situation of child:

The child living  with his family.

Case study 2 – Sexual Abuse

Child Background:  

A seventeen year old girl <name hidden> is D/O Ramulu, Mother Mangavva was studying 5th class  at Vidyanagar government  MPPS in Sircilla  Mandal. 

Distress situation/circumstances:

We first identified this case in social Media about prostitution conducted with minor girls in Sircilla Muncipall Town.  Initially when the line departments went to rescue in those areas they didn’t identify any children. After a few days we followed up and identified a few girls in that area. We notified BRB madam and DCPO Madam.

Intervention:  CHILDLINE 

The operation smile-vII  program was conducted in January Month.  BRB Madam told us this is the best opportunity to rescue the children and check frequently in those areas. On 29/02/2021 ICPs and EArtH Childline team went to those areas and found a few children, and captured the videos with their conversation. The line departments (BRB madam and SI sir) went to that house to identify the one minor girl. The case was booked as per POCSO ACT-2012 and PIT Act on the accused person. The minor girl  produced in front of CWC their suggestion we kept in Swadhar Home. 

Present situation of the child:

She stays in Swadhar Home.

Case study 3 – Kidnapping

Child background:

A sixteen year old girl, <name hidden>, is D/O Ragula Ravi,Mother  R sujatha, child age 16 Years 8th class completed ,village: BY Nagar ,Mandal & District: Rajanna sircilla.

Distress situation/circumstances:

The child Kidnapped Case was published in the public App and we informed the ICPS Department . Then we went to the police Station along with the ICPS Department. The Police told this case was already Booked FIR. Then after we  went to the child House and interacted with them. The child told that her father had expired and her mother took care of the family. 

On the Diwali festival day the child Went to Market at New Bus stand in Sircilla town along with 4 Members Friends Pushpala pooja , puspala Sharadha , puspala Shylaja, Puspala Varadhi . They  purchased the Bears in wine Shop went to outside and Druk them even an unaccustomed drunk to child  then after came to an the way one girl calling to unknown person.  The unknown person came to that place and threatened the girl and went to  Bonala village at 10:00 pm. Then he proposed to the girl and wanted to get married. When she didn’t accept, he blackmailed the girl by saying he will rape her. Then after he dropped by near the girl’s  house at 3:00 am. On the day her mother went to police station to give complaint in police station.

Intervention with child line:

After we heard about it, we provided counselling to the child and the mother. We explained about how to take care of life and not to let her make bad friends. We also explained to them how to call our child line-1098 toll free number 24/7. The accused person was arrested and booked on POCSO Act-2012. Then after we explained about POCSO compensation under the ICPS Department and they applied to the Compensation.

Present situation of child:

 She lives with her family safely.