Annual Day Program In MPPS Thimmapur

The academic year is ending, and annual day programs have begun, starting with Thimmapur, the first adopted school to celebrate. Children are promoted to higher classes, with 5th Standard students advancing to high school. The event, held on 28/03/2024, was joyous and featured various performances. Esteemed guests including MEO Prabhudas and MPTC attended, along with representatives from Earth Foundation. The event began with prayers and speeches highlighting the importance of education and skill development. It showcased 21 group songs and 2 scripted performances, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration. The event, running from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM, was well-attended by approximately 600 individuals, including parents, teachers, students, and locals. Parents expressed pride in their children’s achievements.

Annual Day Program In ZPHS Thimmapur

Our team organized the annual day celebrations at ZPHS Thimmapur on March 13th, which included both primary and high school students. The District Educational Officer and representatives from the school administration and Earth Foundation attended as Chief Guests. Students participated in various activities like dance and drama, impressing the audience with their classical dance performances and message-oriented acts. As it was the last few days for the 10th class students, they were given ample time and opportunities to participate, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Both participants and audience members expressed happiness with the program.

Uniforms Distribution in Bhumpalli

The Earth Foundation organized a uniform distribution program at Bhompalli adopted school, providing school uniforms to students from 1st to 5th grade, ensuring equality and access to essential attire. Sri. Bakki Venkanna, Chairman of the SC&ST Commission, attended as Chief Guest, highlighting governmental and community leaders’ commitment to local welfare and education. The event also featured the Executive Director, Director, Senior Coordinators, Volunteers, and PET as guests, with the Director briefing attendees on the foundation’s activities. Children showcased their talents through dance and cultural performances, offering a platform for creativity expression. Parents expressed gratitude for the initiative, alleviating financial burdens associated with purchasing school attire. The uniform distribution underscores the Earth Foundation’s dedication to supporting students and their families.

Mother’s Awareness Program

The team conducted a Mother Awareness Program (MAP) at Bhompalli Primary School on 17/03/2024, coinciding with Bags Distribution. The chief guests discussed Earth Foundation’s initiatives for the all-round development of children, emphasizing the importance of neatness in personal hygiene and academics. Volunteers’ role in students’ lives was highlighted, and mothers were encouraged to attend school meetings regularly and spend quality time with their children. Mothers shared insights on their children’s strengths, weaknesses, and desired changes. The event concluded with games and prize distribution to the mothers.

Women’s Day Celebrations

Our team celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th in all adopted schools to raise awareness among students about significant days and honor remarkable women. Drawing competitions were organized, with chief guests delivering speeches on women’s contributions to society. A felicitation program appreciated women staff for their household and professional responsibilities. Students depicted women’s roles in various fields, aiming to challenge traditional beliefs and inspire through research and awareness. These competitions also promote cultural celebration and artistic expression, with prizes awarded based on creativity levels.

Exam pads Distribution to 10th class Students

Our team distributed exam pads to high school students in all adopted schools ahead of their board examinations scheduled from March 18 to April 02, 2024. Recognizing potential difficulties such as limited seating facilities, particularly desk benches, we aimed to provide convenience during exams. The distribution took place during the annual day program at Thimmapur school, where the pads were handed over to students by the District Educational Officer (DEO) and attended by our Executive Director, Director, and senior coordinators.

Mobile Science Lab

The Mobile Science Lab rotates among high schools every 45 days, offering apparatus for hands-on science experiments. At Dubbaka High School, Siddipet, students focused on physics experiments involving light diffraction and magnetism. This practical approach enhances understanding of theoretical concepts, aligning with the initiative’s goal of facilitating effective learning in physics.

Computer Classes

Computer classes as part of the skills program have been progressing well, with students showing rapid learning. As the academic year nears its end, students are revising topics from the beginning and practicing extensively. This comprehensive review enables them to gain a thorough understanding of the subject and apply their skills effectively. Much of the practice has focused on Word and Excel, given their significant roles in handling various types of data.


Yoga is incorporated into the curriculum of all adopted schools, including those in Maharashtra. This practice offers numerous benefits to students, including improved concentration through focused breathing and enhanced flexibility through stretching exercises. Volunteers play a crucial role in guiding and supervising students, ensuring correct posture during yoga sessions.


Pre- primary students cannot learn continuously for a long time. For a period of time, they will be given breaks, which involves them taking a nap, eating snacks, and sometimes playing games. Here we can see the volunteers turning themselves as kids and playing with them to cheer up the kids.

Playful Teaching

As we focus more on primary school students, it is mandatory to teach them in a playful manner. Here students were learning their things in that playful manner only. For this they are using different study materials to teach in a playful way. Students also enjoy learning in that playful manner and gain a good grip over concepts.

Holi Festival

In the month of march, at the end we have come across the festival HOLI. Prior to the festival day, our students have celebrated this colorful festival in the school. Everyone applied colors to each other and felt very happy. Teachers also combined with students and celebrated the festival very well. And at the end everyone clicked pictures together with their colorful faces.

Special Activity

A student of class IV named Asta Chandu Puyed created 722 four letter Marathi words. She also solved 200 examples of subtraction and addition. This can be achieved only through constant practice.