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You can donate easily in a variety of ways. This includes monetary donations on a monthly or an annual basis, donations in terms of resources such as books, game-sets, sporting equipment and computers, and also through volunteering your time. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our Contribute  page now.

Our primary goals are to support the education and holistic development of children in villages that we adopt. We believe that both of these go hand-in-hand to deliver an immersive and “complete education” for the children. This is achieved tangibly in two ways:

  1. Make sure every child in our adopted villages attends school regularly.
  2. Encourage development of social skills via personality development activities.

EArtH Foundation is unique in that it focuses on the eradication of illiteracy at the root level via a sustainable model. We believe that sustaining our mission is imperative to the long-term success of our cause. Ultimately, this is only achievable if the adopted villages take upon themselves the responsibility and commitment to invest in our efforts on an ongoing basis, post set up of our programmes and investment in these villages. And that’s exactly what makes us different – our focus on not only educating children but raising awareness amongst the village community, primary parents and elders and to commit to and continue our efforts for the long-haul.

Adopting a village begins with a critical first step – identifying villages that will benefit the most from our efforts and your donations. Once this is achieved, we work with government primary schools (aganwadis) and high schools in the village to meticulously improve the quality of education imparted, through a series of initiatives, supported by on-going monitoring and verification. Each year we conduct an end of year assessment to ensure that villages are on course to achieve the goals we set and establishment of relevant mechanisms in case course correction is needed. Upon successful verification of the same over a period of time, we move onto adopting the next village.

On average, we adopt a village for 3-5 years. This is the point when we believe that we have achieved our goals and the village is self-reliant, and your investments in education and development are on track for the long-run. However, we understand that no two villages are the same, and scale timelines according to the needs of individual villages

The Indian government spends a lot of tax payer money on the government education system. Estimates tell us that the annual education budget allocated by the government is Rs.1 Lakh Crore or approximately US $13 Billion). Hence, we believe that it’s best to double down on the existing infrastructure and investments to make them count, rather than develop our own set of schools. We believe that this to be more efficient and effective.

On average, it costs Rs. 2.5 Lakhs (Approx. US $4,000) per year to adopt a village. This includes providing both educational as well holistic development activities for the village children. You can adopt a village by yourself, as part of a group, or simply contribute with resources and time.

The villages that we have adopted since 2012 are the best proof-points that our model is effective in uplifting village children and fighting illiteracy at the root level, in the context of Indian villages. Our model emphasizes sustainable education for the long-term, keeping in mind the unique needs of our adopted villages. Statistically we have increased student class attendance by 93% and student academic performance by 112% across villages. Please refer to our Accomplishments section to learn more about our progress.

We evaluate each village on a case to case basis to gauge the possibilities for success and commit to those we believe harbor the best chance of achieving the most, working alongside our unique organizational model. Broadly speaking any village we adopt must meet our standards for being underdeveloped, in addition our ability to logistically help the village in question and the availability of ‘Vidya Volunteers’ is a must.

There is a multitude of ways to get involved. This spans monetary donations (monthly or annual) via our contributions section, donation of resources such as books and reading materials, game-sets and sports equipment, or simply by volunteering your time and effort on the ground-level. Visit our contributions page to get involved now.

We committed to our mission to educate and uplift underprivileged Indian children through an investment in education and the eradication of illiteracy at the root level in 2012.

We believe our model is highly scalable as it hinges on the principles of uplift, empower and handover. Think of it as a turnkey development model that emphasizes sustainable education made possible through a sense of ownership and responsibility at the ground level.

Our website houses all important information about our mission, work, villages that we have adopted, results yielded and much more. However, in case there is any aspect of our initiatives that you wish to learn more about, please contact us via phone, email or social media by visiting our contact us page.

Once you make a donation or adopt a village, you can easily track the progress. We share monthly updates of villages you have donated to or adopted via a WhatsApp group dedicated for that particular village. You can also choose to visit an adopted village by contacting us.

All monetary donations made to EArtH Foundation are tax-deductible both in India as well as the United States. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States and a 80G non-governmental organization [NGO] in India.

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