Digital Literacy Program

What is EArtH Digital Literacy Program?

EArtH Digital Literacy Program is a data-driven, student-centric, digital classroom that enables an individualized, contextual approach that focuses on what children need and directs teachers to where they are most needed.

This is achieved through three levels of  adaptivity:

Adaptive Assessments: Adapting the test to student’s needs.

Adaptive Sequencing: Adapting the learning path for a student.

Adaptive Content: Recommending alternate content to the student based on the performance.

EArtH foundation has partnered with CoveGenius to implement this program. ConveGenius is a teacher-facilitated personalized and adaptive learning platform focused on closing the gap in educational achievement for children and youth in India.

Which students are benefited?

All EArtH students from Grades KG-10 where this program is implemented can benefit from this program. The content complements what teachers are teaching at the moment in schools. Currently covered languages are English, Mathematics & Science.

How does it work?

Digital literacy programs are run using mobile tablets. There is an app called “Home Learning App” that has a lot of curriculum mapped content. EArtH foundation sponsors the necessary tablets. Students will have their own personal profile. The app also captures the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and the class as a whole. This enables the teacher to personalize instruction in a virtual/real classroom. 

Why did EArtH Foundation choose digital literacy?

COVID has hit education in villages severely since the government schools are still closed and kids are not going to school. Underprivileged families can’t afford online education in villages given their economic background.
EArtH is starting DIGITAL LEARNING in its adopted/partnered schools, which will let the government school kids continue their education.

This model doesn’t replace in-class teaching but complements it. With this model, the teacher’s classroom load is reduced significantly, and they get more time to focus on maintaining a healthy environment for learning. The model is also ideal in the Covid situation where students are not going to schools. And the same model will be later used as enriched learning once the schools are opened.

When is the program starting?

Digital Literacy Program was started in January 2021. Most of 2020, Government school education have been one of the worst affected sections of societies in India due to Covid-19 – All EArtH adopted primary schools are still closed and there is no virtual teaching concept from the Government, and poor families can’t afford private online education. This program, though inline with our long term goals, is more timely in the current situation. Honorable minister of urban development Sri K. T. Rama Rao garu has inaugurated the event.