January 2023 Updates


EArtH Childline-1098

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in January 2023 is 68. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 4241. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Organization level skills & sports competition


Before launching our organization-level program, we host inter-school competitions in all of our adopted schools. When schools reopen each academic year, we focus on co-curricular activities and after conducting the competitions, we determine which activities to include in our organization-level program. The children who win the competition, either as winners or runners-up, are selected to participate in the program. Our organization-level program includes 21 activities, including: group dance, solo dance, mono acting, fancy dress, singing, drawing, essay writing, speech, imitation, handwriting, carrom, medicine ball, running (boys and girls), broad jump, story telling, general knowledge, skipping, kabaddi, chess, and observation/picture reading.


The Earth Foundation has focused on education, arts, and sports. At the start of the academic year, we initiated 18 different activities in our adopted schools. These include: drawing, elocution, essay writing, kabaddi, running, chess, carom, broad jump, skipping, singing, dance, monoacting, handwriting, student exercise sheets, medicine ball throw, general knowledge, and moral values. These activities are designed to be both educational and enjoyable for children. We organized inter-school competitions among the EArtH children. Here are some pictures from competition preparation.


The competition was held on January 16th and 17th, 2023 in Huzurabad, Karimnagar district. All children arrived at the venue one day prior to the event. The first day began with the national anthem at 7:30 AM, followed by the completion of running (boys and girls), kabaddi, essay writing, drawing, solo dance, and group dances. On the second day, the remaining activities, including broad jump, chess, carrom, general knowledge, and storytelling, were successfully completed. A total of 209 children from 8 Earth adopted schools in Telangana participated in the competition.

The children were energetic and enthusiastic during each activity. At the end of the session, the Chief Guest, Huzurabad Municipal Chairperson Sri Gandde Radhika, attended and appreciated the activities of the Earth Foundation. She stated that most parents only encourage education, but the Earth Foundation focuses on education and co-curricular activities, which are now essential for children. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the games and skills.

Solo Dance

Group Dance

       Above sample photos are group and solo dance performances Totally 12 group Dances and 8 Solo Dances.

        Winners:   Girls Group Dance             1st  winner –  MPPS Nizambad school.

                                                                          2nd winner –   MPPS Velkatur School.

                               Boys Group Dance:

                                                                        1st Winner – MPPS Velkatur School.

                                                                        2nd winner – MPPS Nizambad school

                                     Solo Dances   :

                                                                     1st Winner – Tahura, MPPS Bakrichepyal.

                                                                      2nd winner – E.Karthika, MPPS Nizambad 


The children approached each activity with great seriousness, striving to win. On the first day, the activities of Kabaddi, Skipping, and Running were completed, and on the second day, the remaining activities of Brad jump, Chess, Carrom, and Medicine Ball were finished.

                                 1st winner                                              2nd winner

Kabaddi:                  MPPS Jakkapur                               MPPS Arreypalli

Running(Boys)       M.Niraj ( Nizambad)                        M Jashwal(Nizambad)

Running(Girls)        E.karthika (Nizambad)                    E.Kalyani(Nizambad)

Brad jump(Boys)    Aravind(Arepalli)                           M.Niraj(Nizambad)

Brad jump(Girls)     E.Karthika(Nizambad)                  E.Kalyani(Nizambad)

Chess                        G.Sharvani(Nizambad)                 P.Sahasra(Kasulabad)

Carrom  (Boys)        Varun Team(Thimmapur)            Karthik Team(Arepalli)

 Carrom(Girls)         Sathwika Team(Nizambad)         Archana Team (Jakkapur)

Medicine Ball           Jaswal(Nizambad)                        v.srinath(Kasulabad)


                                      1st Winner                                                 2nd Winner

Mono Acting         Pooja(Arepalli)                                     M.Niraj(Nizambad)

Fancy Dress         Srikruthi(Nizambad)                            Sushmitha(Arepalli)

GK                         M. saiSrujana Team(Nizambad)         T.Sindhuja(Arepalli)

Drawing              E. Sharanya(Arepalli)                          Siri Sathwika(Nimmapalli)

Essay Writing     S. Bhuvana(Nizambad)                      T.Sindhuja(Arepalli)

Elocution           Rakshitha(Nizambad)                        Prachethana(Jakkapur)

Hand writing      N.Rishitha(Arepalli)                           M.Akshaya(Jakkapur)

Story Telling      G.sharvani(Nizambad)                      K.Rithish(Velkatur)

Imitation           Mahesh(Arepalli)                               T.Yashwanth(Nizambad)

Republic Day Celebrations

On January 26th, we participated in the 74th Republic Day celebrations. The night before, the children performed dance in front of their parents and village officials. The guests appreciated the winners of the Earth Foundation’s organization-level program in each of the Earth Foundation’s adopted schools. In Nizambad school, the Vice MPP and Sarpunch, as well as well-wishers from Kasulabad, attended the celebration and appreciated the children’s participation in the Earth Foundation’s skills and sports competition. The MEO Sir and village well-wishers, MD. Pakruddin and B. Manohar Rao, watched the children’s mono acting, dancing, and singing performances and then awarded them with prize money.

At the MPPS Thimmapur school, the Dubbak ZPTC, Sarpanch, and MPTC attended and watched the children’s dance, mono acting, and singing performances. They expressed their happiness and appreciation to the Earth Foundation for adopting their village school. They distributed prizes to the winners, and the school teachers presented mementos to the dance master and volunteers. These celebrations brought happiness to the parents as they watched their children perform.