October 2023 Updates


Robotics Classes in Maharashtra

The robotics classes in Maharashtra have been running smoothly for over two months, providing kids with a unique blend of learning and enjoyment. The utilization of robotics kits from Plato Labs has proven highly beneficial for the young learners. In the intermediate classes, students are engaged in captivating robot-building projects that not only enhance their knowledge but also nurture their problem-solving skills and creativity. The sustained success of these robotics classes reflects the enduring enthusiasm of the children and their dedication to exploring the fascinating world of robotics, setting a strong foundation for their future learning and potential in this dynamic field.

Bathukamma Celebrations

Students enthusiastically celebrated the grand “BATHUKAMMA” festival, one of Telangana’s most significant cultural events. Their participation was marked by a high level of enthusiasm, with a substantial turnout at the school. The girls were especially notable, as they adorned themselves in elegant traditional attire.

To create the vibrant “Bathukamma” floral arrangements, students gathered flowers from their local neighborhoods and the school grounds. Remarkably, mothers of a few school children also joined in the festivities. Furthermore, Earth volunteers and teachers actively engaged and supported the students.

During the morning session, the collected flowers were skillfully arranged into stunning Bathukammas. After a hearty lunch, students, parents, and staff came together to perform the traditional folk dance known as “kolatam” around the circle of Bathukammas. Additionally, elderly participants graced the occasion with melodious songs dedicated to Bathukamma, which were eagerly followed by others in attendance. The joyful celebrations continued throughout the day, accompanied by the lively beats of DJ music, making the atmosphere in every adopted school burst with vibrant colors.

MAP Program MPPS Velkatur

On October 14th, a day of great significance, we hosted two exceptional events: Bathukamma celebrations and the MAP Program. The morning session commenced at 10:00 AM as children, accompanied by their parents, arrived. A meeting was then conducted under the guidance of the school’s Headmaster.

During the meeting, the Headmaster provided valuable insights into the school’s facilities, the children’s progress, and how Earth activities could benefit the students. Director Vennela further elaborated on the festival’s significance and its place in the hearts of Telanganans. The discussions covered several agenda points:


  1. Overview of EArtH Activities and updates on the children’s progress.
  2. Discussion on the importance of maintaining children’s cleanliness and safety with Earth bags.
  3. Introduction of project work during festival holidays.
  4. Emphasis on the need for parents’ active cooperation in Earth activities.




Following the discussion, Director Vennela and MAP Coordinator Niharika organized entertaining one-minute games for the parents, with active participation and prizes awarded to enthusiastic participants at the conclusion.

Dance, PT, Yoga & Games

In October, EArtH Activities achieved significant success in their adopted schools, providing a diverse range of enriching experiences. These experiences were offered in villages like RaheGaon, Kakhandi, and Bahegaon, where a consistent schedule of activities such as dance, yoga, Physical Training (PT), and games was maintained.

The activities emphasized the importance of both physical and mental well-being by engaging both the arms and legs. Surya Namaskar, a comprehensive yoga pose sequence, exemplified this approach, promoting balanced blood circulation, enhancing physical fitness, and sharpening mental acuity.

Physical Training (PT) included sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Running, and Carrom, contributing to overall physical fitness and well-being, making them integral to a well-rounded fitness regimen.

Dedicated dance masters visited different schools daily, focusing on practicing folk songs and conveying meaningful messages through songs. The dances created during these sessions were showcased at the Bathukamma celebrations.

A Physical Education Teacher (PET) made daily visits to schools, providing a balanced mix of indoor and outdoor games. Warm-up exercises and meditation were incorporated into the evening routines, leading to noticeable physical and mental improvements among the children who wholeheartedly embraced these activities.

In summary, EArtH Activities achieved remarkable success in October by offering a diverse array of enriching experiences in their adopted schools. These experiences covered yoga, comprehensive exercises, various sports, dance, and meditation, positively impacting the children’s physical and mental well-being, enhancing their resilience and capabilities.

Project works on clay toys and paper craft

The EArtH Foundation has launched an inspiring project involving clay toys in the adopted villages, capitalizing on the extended festival holidays when children have more free time. Clay modeling has always been a beloved pastime for kids, who ingeniously utilize available materials, from sand to cookie dough, to bring their creative visions to life.

Each morning, children enthusiastically gather clay from their surroundings, crafting a diverse array of items, from toys to animals and houses, with the assistance of dedicated volunteers. This activity not only ignites excitement but also carries numerous benefits. For parents, it keeps their children engaged for extended periods.

However, the advantages for the children extend beyond mere amusement. Working with clay nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills, strengthens hand and finger muscles uniquely, and allows for artistic expression distinct from other toys and materials. The simplicity of clay as an art medium is a potent tool for nurturing young minds.

Playing with clay unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for children’s creativity and development, including fostering curiosity, developing essential motor skills, encouraging creativity, enabling experimentation with three-dimensional objects, promoting social interaction, and providing a means for children to express their feelings and ideas.

In addition to the clay toy project, an engaging paper crafting initiative was introduced, bringing immense joy to the children and nurturing their artistic skills. On a daily basis, children utilized various materials, predominantly paper, to craft imaginative creations within the confines of their homes. Paper crafting, with its versatility and creative potential, enhances fine motor skills, stimulates imagination, imparts the importance of following instructions, encourages quality time with family or friends, inspires critical thinking, provides an outlet for emotional expression, and fosters social interaction. These projects offered a holistic learning experience, nurturing the creativity and overall development of the children.

High school science on wheels

  1. The high school Science on Wheels program continued to thrive, with two main activities:Computer Training: A 40-day computer training program was successfully conducted in Bhoompalli village. Although children initially faced challenges as it was a new subject for many, their enthusiasm for learning was evident. The program included theoretical and practical classes, covering computer basics, paint, MS-Office, MS-Word, and ongoing PowerPoint training. The children’s progress and excitement in learning computer skills were palpable.
  2. Games and Meditation: Our EArtH PET, Suresh, introduced daily games and discipline-setting sessions at Thimmapur School. The morning sessions were dedicated to explaining game rules and regulations, followed by outdoor games like Kabaddi, Running, Kho-Kho, and Long Jump in the afternoon. Warm-up exercises and Yoga asanas were also practiced to improve the children’s physical fitness and mental resilience. These activities contributed to the children’s holistic development, making them physically and mentally stronger for the future.