April 2020 Updates

Awareness about precautions to avoid coronavirus.

Our local staff members went to families in our adopted villages and brought awareness to them about precautions to take to avoid coronavirus. Precautions like staying home, washing hands, wearing masks, etc. We also gave masks to needed families.

Distribution of food and groceries

Please note that this is not EartH’s regular work (we do not provide food or groceries in our villages as part of our regular developmental work) but because of the severity of the covid-19 situation, we identified there is a lot of need in EArtH adopted villages.

There are so many poor families in EArtH adopted villages who can’t meet daily needs due to the covid-19 lockdown. With timely donations from donors listed below, EArtH distributed necessary groceries (and food in some places) enough for about 3-4 weeks to about 110 poor families in EArtH adopted villages Nakshatranagar, Nallamadugula, Kalvasrirampur, Pedarathpally. And to the needy public in Peddapally by EArtH Childline team.

Thanks to the donors, and huge thanks to EArtH staff, Hammad sir and the volunteers who took the risk and arranged the groceries.

Virtual teaching of EArtH’s Curriculum

Schools were closed during the government instructed covid-19 lockdown. So, EartH conducted virtual classes with the kids EArtH adopted villages. Kids performed Yoga, meditation, drawings, math and english with the instructions from the instructors.

Essentials to orphanages and institutions

We distributed 2 pairs of MASKS, Dettol soaps, Bananas and Oranges to needy institutions like at TABITHA ORPHAN HOME-Ramagundam. OLDAGE HOME, BRICKS INDUSTRIES and POLICEMEN serving at checkpoints.