June 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

Peddapally Cases

Child Sexual Abuse

Suvarna, aged 9 years, came to her grandmother’s home in the Upparapalli village, Odela Mandal for summer holidays. Her grandmother is a daily labor. Like every day she went to work leaving the child alone at home. A 26 year old man, a resident of the same village, noticed that the girl was alone. He invited the child into his home and gave her food. After eating, he attempted rape on the girl. The girl went back to her home weeping. When other women enquired about her crying, the girl told them what happened. She also had a severe injury and was bleeding. She was immediately taken to the government hospital and admitted. 

After our Childline team got this information through social media, the ICPS team stood with the child and her family and supported them emotionally until all the medical tests were done. Also, our team visited the child the next day to check on her health. 

Once she was back in good health she went back to her native place.

Child Marriage

Our team member received a call regarding a child marriage in Dharmaram Mandal, Peddapalli District. Ganga, age 16 years, was pursuing 10th standard in Katikenapalli village, Dharmaram Mandal. Her parents were daily laborers, they decided to get her daughter married and started preparations. 

After getting the information, our team members went to the location along with the ICPS, DCPO, Anganwadi Teacher, Secretary. We provided counseling to the child and her parents. We took a letter from them not to proceed with the marriage until the child turns 18, violating which there will be severe action as per the law. Finally, the marriage got canceled and the child is now continuing her studies.

Rajanna Sircilla Cases

Child Marriage

On 27th June our team member was notified that a child marriage is going to happen in Kondapur village, Konraopeta Mandal. Immediately, the ChildLine team informed all the line departments, then we reached the location along with ASI and DCPO. There we learnt that the child’s step-mother was trying to get her married. When the team questioned them about the marriage, they lied that they were worshiping gods. Our team rescued the child and produced her before CWC and provided temporary shelter in Sakhi. On 29th June, the child along with her parents were produced before CWC, where they were given counseling. In return, they were given a receiving letter mentioning not to get child married until she turns 18.

Child Sexual Abuse

Our team received a call from CCC regarding a child sexual abuse case. The information given by CCC was that a minor girl gave birth to a baby boy and she was joined in Sakhi for temporary shelter. After Knowing the information, our team members along with the CWC Chairperson, CWC members, DCPO, ICPS and Social worker went to the sakhi center and collected the details. 

The child was studying 9th standard in the local government school of Yellareddypet. During Lockdown, her neighbor aged 34 years used to talk with her frequently and offer food sometimes. One day he invited the child to his home and raped her. He repeated this a few times when the child was alone at her home. After a few days, she missed her periods and felt the symptoms of pregnancy. The girl informed her mother about the incident, but both the mother and child were afraid to inform the child’s father. The child’s mother sent the child to her grandmother’s home in Mumbai. where they consulted the doctor for abortion, but it was too late. The child then delivered a baby boy. When the hospital staff enquired about her marital status, they were told that the child was married, but the hospital staff didn’t believe and informed local police. The police filed a case and sent the child to Yellareddypet police station and provided shelter in Sakhi. Later, the child along with her mother were produced before CWC. As per the CWC instructions, they did all the medical checkups to the child and provided with medicines and handed over to her parents.

Siddipet Cases

Unwanted Baby

As a Part of outreach, our team members identified this case. We went to the location along with the ICPS. The child, age 15 years was sexually and emotionally abused by her brother-in-law. The Child got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. The baby boy was kept in Shishu vihar of Hyderabad, because the mother is a minor. A POCSO case has been filed against her brother-in-law. The mother is now living with her family and continuing her studies.

Trafficking Child

Our team took this case from Husnabad police station. A girl came to the police station to file this case. When she was 5 years old, she got abducted from her parents and sold to a person named Ramu for Rs 50,000. The child’s biological mother was blind and she had no idea about her father. From childhood onwards, she was living with Ramu’s family. They used to make her do all household work and treated her like a slave. Although the child was interested in studies, they did not send her to school. Ramu also made all the neighbors believe that the child is her own daughter.  Since past year, the child was forced to work as a sex worker. One day, Ramu’s wife took the girl to Yadagririgutta, took some medicines from a third person and gave it to her. When the child asked about it, she was told that they were just to cure her wounds. After a few days, menses started for the child. This whole statement was recorded in the presence of MRO Sir and an FIR has been filed against them. Next our team rescued the child and produced her before CWC. As per CWC instructions the child was given temporary shelter in Sakhi and was later provided permanent shelter in CCI, Hyderabad.

Environment Day

We all are aware of Environment Day, which we celebrate on 5th of June every year. We celebrate this event by wishing and explaining the future generations to have a beautiful nature filled with a wide range of trees and its importance to lead a healthy life. This year Earth Foundation adopted schools at Mamidipally, Nallamadugula and Nakshatranagar celebrated by planting plants in the school premises. 


At Mamidipally primary school, respected Sarpanch Kokkula Bharatamma Garu, Vice SarpanchMallareddy Garu, SMC Chairman Swathi, School headmaster Ravinder, Childline coordinator Thriveni, Earth foundation Senior coordinator Anjaneyulu, PET Michael, Childline team members Ramya, Swetha and our beloved students actively participated in this program.

Respected guests planted the saplings and gave valuable speeches about the importance of nature and our responsibilities in preserving nature to the students. Later, students also planted the saplings and enjoyed this event.



Yoga Day

We all know that Earth Adopted School students practice yoga daily. We have celebrated this special yoga day in Sircilla high school and Malkapet school. In both the Schools, chief guests explained about the importance of yoga and its benefits.


The chief guests of this program were SP Rahul Hegde sir, District Educational Officer Radhakishan sir. School Principal, Earth Foundation Senior Coordinators, Childline Coordinator, PET’s Dance Master’s, Childline team members, SMC Chairman and school children participated in this event. Program commenced with the lamp lightening by respected SP sir followed by his speech, he explained to the students about the importance and benefits of yoga in day-to-day life. He also urged the students to practice yoga regularly for a happier and healthy life. Finally, SP sir thanked Earth Foundation for conducting such a wonderful program. Other guests explained to students about the role and importance of yoga to excel in academics and appreciated Earth Foundation services of adopting schools and working towards the all-round development of children with. After speeches, Earth Foundation adopted school students gave a demonstration of multiple yoga asanas, which they learn daily. Guests joined the kids and performed yoga. 


In our recently inaugurated Malkapet high school, the Earth foundation celebrated Yoga day. For this program, earth foundation volunteers were teaching yoga to students from past few days. Students also learned very well and performed it on the yoga day. SMC Chairman, School staff, Earth Senior coordinators, PET’s, Dance Master’s, and Childline Coordinator and team members participated in this event. The Childline team took the opportunity and explained to children about the toll-free no-1098 and made them aware of different child issues and its preventive measures.

Schools Re-opening

After summer holidays, schools reopened on 13 June in Telangana. Students slowly started going to schools and trying to adopt a new normal. In all our adopted schools, school staff and Earth Foundation staff put their complete efforts to improve admissions by explaining our foundation activities through videos, pamphlets etc. As a result, a good number of admissions has been recorded.


We all know that classes take time to start. In our adopted schools, we used the time to practice physical activities. Students practiced warmups, exercises and Yoga. On June 17th, school staff conducted the first SMC meeting with the school principal, staff and parents. Earth Foundation director sir and senior coordinators also participated. We discussed

  1. Results of the previous academic year and Earth Foundation’s financial aid to the school.
  2. School management requested the Earth Foundation to provide volunteers for pre-primary.
  3. Miss Keerthana was awarded participation certificate of state level sports.
  4. We also made plans for the development of students, parents and volunteers this year.

We noticed that students were in good strength in the last week of June also. Good strength encourages and motivates volunteers to teach more and more. Dance master explained the basics first and later moved to practice. PET sir also explained about the 100 meters Running, Broad Jump and Skipping in class and practiced the same in the evening.


Students from Nimmapally attended the school with full strength, when compared to other schools especially from 27 of June. PET and Dance Master started teaching from basics and practicing them on the ground. An SMC meeting was conducted. Topics discussed were

  1. About students’ attendance and last annual day success.
  2. MAP Program
  3. New volunteers
  4. Earth Foundation activities etc.

New Schools Adoption in Siddipet District

We are excited to announce that Earth foundation has moved one more step forward to expand our services to another district: Siddipet!

EArtH foundation Director, Senior Coordinator, ChildLine team members made an appeal to the District Welfare Officer to provide the list of backward schools in Siddipet and explained about the earth foundation services and achievements in previous Schools.