February 2022 Updates



Childline Updates

Child Marriage

As part of outreach, our counselor Anusha visited Brahmanapalli village, where she found out that a girl named Venkata Subha, age 15 years was going to get married. On the same day, our child line team along with the ICDS supervisor, ICPS PO, Counselor, RI went to the location. There they examined the details of the girl and confirmed her age. Later they gave counseling to the child and her parents not to do marriage to the girl until she turns 18 years old and also explained them about the child marriage act, atrocities caused by the child marriage. Our team produced the girl and her parents before CWC and took a confirmation from her parents that not to do marriage before she turns 18 years old, and informed them that if they try to do so, severe action will be taken against them. On the next day our team member made a call to the local anganwadi teacher and ensured that the marriage got canceled.

Drop Out

As a part of outreach, our team member Harish visited MPPS of Parupalli village, Mutharam mandal. After a conversation with the headmaster, the headmaster gave the list of students who are irregular for more than 15 days. We found that a boy was missing school for some time. Immediately our team member went to the boy’s location, but the boy went outside for fishing and having fun. Team members took the child to the home and gave counseling to the child and his parents about the importance of children’s education. Later, her mother got him fresh up and dressed well. Our team member took him to the school and informed the head master. After a few days, to follow up the case Harish made a call to the head master, he replied that the child is attending the school regularly.

Physical Abuse

As part of outreach, our team member visited the Sakhi center and found this case. Rama Devi, native of Rajahmundry moved to her sister’s home in Parupalli village of Illanthakunta mandal. She came to her sister home to take care of her sister’s children. One day a conflict arose between her and her sister and sister’s husband. In that conflict, the girl was beaten by them. The local neighbors saw the incident and immediately informed to the police, the policed reached the location and rescued the girl. This case was informed to the line departments and produced before CWC, and gave counseling. As per the instructions of CWC, she was joined in Swadhar home, Karimnagar.


This case was identified in a newspaper. We came to know that there was a boy and a girl who lost their mother a few years ago. Recently they also lost their father due to health issues. Now both the children do not have property or a guardian to take care of. Our team along with DCPO, BRB madam went to their place and gave emotional support and also gave them provisions. After completion of their father’s obituary, we ensured the shelter for both the children at CCI and also education.

Childline numbers


Firstly, our foundation name itself depicts our main motto which is to provide quality education, train students in arts and to maintain good health. As the pandemic went down, students are back to school. Our volunteers started focusing on each and every student. Unfortunately, students completely forgot the basics during pandemic. To excel in academics, one must have a strong grip on basics. Our volunteers started classes by revising the basics and later they moved to the lessons. To ensure good handwriting, students were practicing Handwriting worksheets. Students were also able to read English rhymes, Telugu poems without mistakes. This is happening only because of all the efforts and interests those volunteers and students are putting on. Good results from students will encourage the volunteers and the whole team as well.      


Drawing is an activity which brings out the imagination of students to put on paper with the help of color pencils .This talent can be evolved by conducting competitions on different themes and making each and every student participate actively. In this month we have conducted drawings on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, themes of Indian soldiers and others. In these competitions students have drawn the portrait of Shivaji, which was amazing. Along with this, students have also drawn many other drawings. 


Elocution is an amazing skill, it helps students develop speaking skills. In order to speak about a topic, students do research, which ultimately makes them aware of some new topic which is out of syllabus. The major advantage of this skill is it will put their stage fear away. On the birth anniversary of Chatrapati Shivaji, students spoke well about his history. Every student did a spectacular job. On international mother language day, students spoke about the importance of Telugu language in day to day life.


Sports are a major activity which keeps students physically fit and active. In all our adopted schools, our volunteers are training students in many different sports such as broad jump, shuttle run, running, kabaddi, kho-kho, medicine ball and so on. Our volunteers make students practice these games daily on a regular basis.

Sports School

The major fulfillment in sports for this month was, a notification got released from the telangana government regarding entrance in SPORTS school. Students from Nizamabad, Nimmapally and Mamidipally participated in this event. Number of students were 11, 12 and 5 respectively. For this, initial selection was done based on the height and weight according to their age. Out of this total, 3 students got selected for the state level competitions. Hope, they will achieve it. This was possible because of the student’s interest and volunteers’ efforts.


In this month LV Prasad eye institute team visited Mamidipally school and did free checkup for students and as well as the staff. They also imparted the knowledge of how to maintain good vision and foods that need to be taken to improve eyesight. In Gopal Nagar School, a local doctor visited and performed the same.

Bags Distribution

We have distributed EArtH foundation bags to the students in Nizamabad School. Honorable MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh garu attended this event .He appreciated our foundation staff and the management about the work we do. Later he distributed bags to the children, and had good interaction with the students and the staff. Our students did dance performances.

National Science Day

On the National science day, students prepared a few experiments and also attended the science fair. Essay writing and quiz competitions were also conducted. Along with these, many other activities were performed in our schools.