July 2023 Updates



EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three districts. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in July 2023 is 46. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 3668 (without Siddipet) and 4446 (with Siddipet)Please note that EArtH’s childline partnership in Siddipet has ended in March 2023 so we will not be reporting any numbers for Siddipet from now. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Robotics classes restarted in Maharastra

As you may be aware, we conducted introductory Robotics courses in two Maharashtra villages during the previous academic year. We are delighted to share that we have now initiated intermediate-level classes for the same set of students. Moreover, we have introduced beginner-level classes for another group of students. As a result, we now have a combined schedule of two sessions per week: one for beginners and another for intermediate learners.

Two-Day Volunteer Training

A two-day training program was conducted for dedicated volunteers at the Siddipet office, involving fourteen representatives from six schools. The primary focus was skill enhancement across various activities. On the first day, volunteers gathered promptly at 9:30 AM. The session began with introductions and Director Mangalampelli Raju explaining the foundation’s goals. The day concentrated on three main topics:

  1. Teaching-Learning Materials (TLM): The emphasis was on interactive learning methods to enhance the education of underprivileged children. The session covered crafting TLMs for subjects like Telugu, English, and Mathematics, as well as strategies for effective communication and assessment through TLMs.
  2. Skills Booklets: A comprehensive booklet comprising nine distinct skills was introduced. Volunteers Vennela and Anji explained how to effectively use these booklets during interactive sessions with children.
  3. Mother Awareness Program: Director Raju and Executive Director Vennela elaborated on this program, guiding volunteers on interaction strategies and their pivotal roles in shaping mothers’ attitudes toward their children.

Bag Distribution Program

We had bag distribution in Velkatur and villages in Maharastra.

On the 18th of July, in collaboration with the EArtH Foundation, a distribution event was conducted at MPPS Velkatur Government School. A total of 135 students were beneficiaries, receiving school bags, skill booklets, and various educational materials. District Education Officer Srinivas Sir presided over the distribution. During the event, the DEO expressed commendation for the foundation’s sustained contributions toward the comprehensive growth of children over the preceding years. Mangalampelli Raju Garu, Director of EArtH Foundation, emphasized an alternative approach to education. Instead of opting for private schools with substantial fees, he advocated for enrolling children in government schools within the village, alongside availing the resources provided by the Earth Foundation.

On July 19, a program for distributing bags took place in schools across Maharashtra. The bag distribution initiative occurred with the attendance of the complete school management committee, village sarpanch, parents, and local residents. The Principal, along with all the teachers of the school, as well as the village Sarpanch and parents, expressed their gratitude and extended their appreciation to the Earth Foundation for their remarkable efforts. The program saw active participation from the village MPTC, SMC Chairman, and parents of the children, underscoring the collaborative efforts in this endeavor.

District Level sports school selections

The District Level sports school selections took place at Parade Ground, Siddipet on July 14th. A total of approximately 210 children hailing from different mandals participated in this competition, among them 19 students from 3 Earth-adopted schools were also contenders. The competitions saw a high level of dedication from the participants. Notably, S. Laxmiprasanna, a 4th-grade student from MPPS Jakkapur School, displayed exceptional performance and was chosen to compete at the State Level. While the other children put forth commendable efforts, they narrowly missed out on selection.

The forthcoming State Level event, scheduled for August at Hakimpet, holds great significance. To support the selected participants’ health and fitness, the Earth Foundation provides them with nourishing foods like dry fruits, eggs, and milk. Additionally, specialized physical education training is being conducted, particularly for Laxmiprasanna, to ensure optimal preparation for the State Level competition.

Parents meeting in Kammarlapalli

As part of the expansion efforts, EartH Foundation’s Director, Mangalampelli Raju, and Executive Director, Vennela, visited Kammrlapaelli Primary School. During the visit, they elaborated on the foundation’s activities and objectives to the school’s teachers and parents. Both teachers and parents expressed their desire for the foundation’s services for their children. The meeting, which saw the participation of 46 parents, the village sarpanch, and SMC chairmen, highlighted the collective interest in collaborating with the foundation.

Baseline Conducted In Adopted schools

The training of volunteers took place during the first week of July, and in the subsequent week, during the second week, volunteers commenced Earth testing using tools based on the Baseline approach in all the adopted schools. This testing focused on subjects such as Telugu, English, and Mathematics, based on a representative sample of three students. The objective was to enhance the educational proficiency of the children by initially gauging their existing academic levels. Following the Baseline assessment, volunteers documented these findings within their respective volunteer booklets.