Children Activities

activities as part of improving kids’ personality development:

Providing Real Education to our adopted schools is one of the two goals of EArtH. Real Education = Academics + Personality Developing Skills.

Quality People form a Quality Nation, naturally. Quality is personality, it is not something you get overnight or even in an year. It has to be developed from childhood – from primary education. EArtH imbibes such culture into students’ education of its adopted villages. Along with academics, we daily teach personality developing skills to children including arts, sports, communication skills, reading and writing, moral values, behavior/discipline, social awareness to make more capable and confident students who become quality adults, who end up forming a quality society.

This is similar to education found in western countries (perfect example: United States).

Following photos cover more personality developing aspects including COMMUNICATION SKILLS, CREATIVE THINKING, MORAL VALUES, CLEANLINESS, WRITING SKILLS, STAGE SHOWS, apart from ACADEMICS.


Students’ Communication Skills

Students’ Singing Skills

Students’ Singing Skills

Sample of EArtH’s Awareness Activities in adopted villages:

Providing Awareness on importance of education is the other goal of EArtH. This creates a long-lasting change in villagers’ mind-set about education of their kids. Following are some of the activities.