June 2023 Updates


Childline 1098

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three districts. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in April 2023 is 24. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 3622 (without Siddipet) and 4400 (with Siddipet). Please note that EArtH’s childline partnership in Siddipet has ended in March 2023 so we will not be reporting any numbers for Siddipet from now. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Telangana State Formation Day

After persistent agitation and numerous sacrifices, the long-cherished dream of the Telangana people became a reality when they achieved separate statehood on June 2, 2014. As we commemorated this significant milestone, it was time to celebrate the “Telangana State” formation day in a grand and meaningful manner.

To mark this special occasion, the Government of Telangana is diligently preparing arrangements for celebrations in all government offices and schools. During these celebrations, EArtH schools proudly hoisted the national flag at 8:30 A.M. The day presented an opportunity to educate the children about the historical significance of the formation of the Telangana state and the immense sacrifices made by countless lives.

World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day—celebrated on the 5th of June—we organized a prize distribution event to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of children who took part in a summer project focused on plastic collection and paper bag preparation. The children’s dedication and creativity were commendable, and we awarded prizes to those who displayed exceptional performance in plastic collection and innovative paper bag making.

To engage students in meaningful social activities and reduce their dependence on mobile phones, EArtH Foundation took the initiative to organize a special camp during the summer vacation. The camp aimed to raise awareness about the adverse effects of excessive cell phone usage and the environmental hazards of plastic. Additionally, the children received hands-on training on creating eco-friendly paper bags.

The response from the children was remarkable, with many of them actively participating in the camp. Each student contributed significantly by collecting around 2 to 3 bags of plastic waste. Throughout the program, we educated the children about the detrimental impact of plastic on the environment and the importance of adopting sustainable alternatives, such as using biodegradable paper bags. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn were truly inspiring.

During the camp, the children not only gained valuable insights into environmental issues but also showcased their creativity by crafting paper bags in unique and innovative designs. It was heartening to witness their passion and dedication to contributing positively to the environment.

By engaging the children in such activities, we hope to instill a sense of responsibility and care for the planet. We believe that these young environmental champions will carry their knowledge and enthusiasm forward, making a significant difference in building a greener and more sustainable future.

Badi Bata Program

From the 3rd to the 17th of June, the Telangana Government organized the Prof. Jaya Shankar BadiBata program across the state. This unique enrollment drive aimed to complete admissions for the academic year 2023-24. The program’s primary objective was twofold: firstly, to identify school-age children who were not enrolled in schools and facilitate their admission; and secondly, to locate out-of-school children and reintegrate them back into the education system. The initiative involved reaching out to parents and communities, urging them to send their children to school and emphasizing the importance of education.

In this endeavor, EArtH Foundation played a crucial role, actively participating in the program. Teachers associated with the foundation took the initiative to educate parents about environmental activities, fostering an understanding of the significance of a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to life.

Through this collaborative effort, not only were children encouraged to join schools, but parents were also engaged in understanding the impact of their actions on the environment. By bringing schools closer to the villages and communities, the program sought to make education more accessible and relevant to the local context.

The Prof. Jaya Shankar Badi Bata program was a significant step towards enhancing educational opportunities for children across Telangana. By enrolling more children in schools and reintegrating out-of-school children, the state aims to build a brighter future for its younger generation. Additionally, the inclusion of environmental education by the EArtH Foundation highlighted the holistic development approach, ensuring that children receive education not only for their academic growth but also for their understanding of sustainable practices.

Bumpalli Parent’s Meeting

On the 12th of June 2023, a significant meeting took place at Bumpalli village under the esteemed banner of the EArtH Foundation. The topic of discussion was school adoption, a crucial initiative aimed at uplifting the education system in the village. The meeting was thoughtfully organized by the village Sarpanch and the Chairman of DCCB, both committed to driving positive change in the community.

The Executive Director of the EArtH Foundation, Sri Mangalapelli Raju, graced the occasion and eloquently presented the Foundation’s vision, mission, and ongoing activities. He passionately emphasized the pivotal role that parents play in supporting volunteers and the broader goals of the foundation.

The impact of the Foundation’s initiatives left a profound impression on the elders and parents in attendance, filling their hearts with joy and appreciation. Hearing the positive outcomes and dedication of the foundation, the elders and parents wholeheartedly expressed their desire for the EArtH Foundation to adopt their school as well. This heartening response reflects the collective commitment of the community to prioritize education and create a nurturing learning environment for their children. 

A remarkable total of 53 parents attended the meeting, demonstrating the shared determination to improve the educational prospects of the village’s younger generation. The enthusiasm and active participation from the parents reinforced the notion that education is a collective responsibility that requires the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

With the EArtH Foundation and the local community joining hands in this endeavor, the future of education in Bumpalli village appears promising and brimming with possibilities. This inspiring meeting marks the beginning of a transformational journey towards a brighter and more empowering educational landscape for the children of Bumpalli village.

International Yoga Day

Since 2015, the International Day of Yoga has been celebrated worldwide on June 21st annually. Yoga—an ancient practice rooted in India—encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

On the momentous occasion of International Yoga Day, the EArtH Foundation, along with children and teachers from all our adopted schools in Telangana, Andra Pradesh and Maharashtra, all came together to celebrate the significance of yoga. The program aimed to enlighten participants about the importance of yoga and the numerous benefits it offers, especially through practicing yogasanas.

Teachers were particularly delighted to see these yoga activities being integrated into their daily school routine by the EArtH Foundation. The dedication and commitment of the Foundation to promote yoga as a regular practice left a positive impact on both the teachers and the School Management Committee (SMC) chairman who actively participated in the event.

Through such celebrations, the EArtH Foundation attempts to instill the essence of yoga in young minds, nurturing not only their physical health but also their mental and spiritual well-being. By embracing yoga as a way of life, the students are equipped with priceless skills to lead a balanced and harmonious life.

As we commemorate the International Day of Yoga each year, we reaffirm our commitment to spreading awareness about this ancient practice and its transformative effects. With the support and enthusiasm of teachers, students, and the community, we strive to create a healthier and more enlightened society, one yogasana at a time.

MAP Meeting in Thimmapur

In the current academic year, the first MAP (Mothers and Children at the Pinnacle) program was successfully conducted in Thimmapur village. The primary objective of this initiative was to foster a closer relationship between mothers and the school, encouraging them to ensure their children attend school regularly and in a presentable manner. The program took place from 11:30 am to 1:40 pm, under the able chairmanship of the school’s Headmaster (HM).

During the meeting, the HM shared the achievements from the previous year, achieved through the collaborative efforts of the EArtH foundation and the school. He extended a warm request to the parents to continue their cooperation in the current academic year as well, stressing the importance of their involvement in their children’s education.

The Director of the EArtH Foundation, Vennela, graced the meeting with her presence and emphasized the significant responsibility parents hold in ensuring their children attend school regularly. She urged the parents not to keep their children away from school under the pretext of functions or other events, reiterating the importance of regular school attendance for the overall development of the students.

To add a touch of fun and engagement, one-minute games were organized during the program. The games brought joy and excitement, further strengthening the bond between the school, parents, and students. As a gesture of appreciation, prizes were distributed to the game winners, making the occasion even more memorable.

The MAP program serves as a vital platform for building a strong partnership between the school and parents. By nurturing a supportive and interactive environment, we aim to create a conducive learning space that ensures every child’s holistic development. Through continued efforts and active collaboration, we strive to make a positive impact on the education and future of our beloved students.

Educational Day in Arepalli

In celebration of the Telangana State Education Day, a joyous event called “Samuhika Aksharabhyasam” (Mass Literacy) was organized at MPPS Arepalli School. The program was a heartwarming occasion where parents actively participated in blessing their children by writing letters of love and encouragement on their behalf. These letters symbolize the parents’ heartfelt wishes for their newly enrolled children, inspiring them to embark on a successful and fulfilling educational journey.

The event held special significance as it marked the beginning of the children’s educational voyage at the school. With the blessings and support of their parents, the young learners were formally admitted to the school, setting the stage for a bright and promising future. The parents’ blessings expressed their commitment to their children’s academic progress and overall development.

Gracing the event with their presence and extending their support were the village Sarpanch and SMC Chairman. Their active involvement added to the sense of community and collective responsibility for the children’s education.

The “Samuhika Aksharabhyasam” event truly exemplifies the harmonious collaboration between the school, parents, and the community at large. By joining hands in this auspicious celebration, we reinforce the importance of education and the nurturing environment that surrounds young learners.

This day served as a beautiful reminder of the profound impact of parental involvement in a child’s educational journey. As we continue to celebrate the Telangana State Education Day in the years to come, let us cherish these moments of togetherness and commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and holistic growth for all our children.

State-Level Competition in Nanded District, Maharashtra

The EArtH Foundation students from Kakandi village in Nanded District participated in a thrilling dance competition hosted in the region. Under the guidance of their dance instructor, the students showcased their incredible talents and artistic expression. The event brought together participants from various villages, and the Kakandi students left a lasting impression with their captivating performances, blending traditional elements with contemporary flair. The collective support and encouragement from their village and families played a crucial role in motivating the dancers