September 2022 Updates


Child line-1098 Updates

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in September 2022 is 88. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 3900. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Teacher’s Day

We all know how crucial role that teacher plays in everyone’s life. It is everyone’s responsibility to remember our teachers and to celebrate their special day which is TEACHERS’s DAY. Here we have been celebrating the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Garu as teachers day every year. Likewise, this year also we have celebrated teachers day in our 6 adopted schools. In each school, students have celebrated it in their own style. Initially chief guests and the Staff offered prayers to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Garu and all the students wished their teachers. Students also made beautiful garlands by collecting flowers from their school premises. Students have felicitated all the teachers with the garlands made by them. Games to the teachers and drawing competitions to the students was conducted and prizes were distributed to the best performers. Their drawings are in such a way that they are taking blessings from their teacher and teacher blessing students, bouquets, sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and some really nice drawings. It is very important to celebrate all such days, because by this student can learn that there are important days for each and every profession, to recognize their efforts and appreciate them.

National Deworming Day

On Sept 15, 2022, in Telangana it was Observed as National deworming day. Every year this day was observed to give students Albendazole tablets. This was given to the children of age group 0-19. In this group children may come up with different illness, which are caused by childhood uncleanliness like eating nails, not washing properly and etc. But students from all our schools were imparted the knowledge of Grooming and cleanliness to avoid such minute health issues. Our volunteers watch students during lunch time to ensure proper washing of hands and plates and also grooming once in a week. On National deworming day, local PHC visited our adopted school and gave medication to each and every student. Our volunteers and staff ensured that every student received the medication or not.

Bathukamma Celebrations

Bathukamma is the biggest festival in Telangana, popularly known as “FLOWERS FESTIVAL”. And yes! we have celebrated this festival also in a great way with full on enjoyment. This was the most favorite festival for all the kids, so they celebrated it following all the traditions knowing from their teacher and volunteers. Students collected flowers from their locality and school premises. Volunteers made “Bathukamma” very beautifully.

All the girls got dressed up in traditional wear, everyone looked really cute awesome. After all the preparations were done, students started playing Bathukamma and also did “KOLATAM’ and also did some dance performances. The celebrations continued for a long time and in the last it is Bathukamma Immersion time, where all the students immersed their bathukamma in water wishing all good until next year. In some schools, mothers also took participation and made the celebrations more attractive and special. From this festival celebrations, students learn the culture, traditions and science behind celebrating these festivals.

Dussehra Holidays Project work

In Telangana, Dussehra holidays was announced from 26th September to 10th October. Apart from the festival days, we made students holidays very productive by involving them in different activities. Our team decided activities one is to make students aware of the different occupations, the second one is to learn about vitamins and its sources and also the vitamins present in our daily food, the third one is to write the questions and answers of all the subjects once. The first day, students visited house to house and learned about their occupations.

Students learned about Handloom Machine, Pottery, Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Fisherman, Carpenter, Barber and many other. From this Students have learnt what are different instruments used by each profession and made a note of it while they were describing and some students tried the equipment which are safe to use. After that they made it fair by sticking pictures in their notebooks. All the elderly people in village, who described about their occupation tried to teach something for the upcoming generations. They explained about each and every thing in detail and patience. They have shared their ups and downs about their occupation. Right away students made notes of it with the help of volunteers. One more activity was “oggu Katha” Students were explained about one of the epics which was Ramayana and also moral stories by elder people.

Mandal Level Volley Ball Tournament

Under the auspices of earth foundation, we have conducted a mandal level volley ball tournament in Konaraopet Mandal. In this tournament total of 19 teams from 12 villages got Participated and made it very successful. After a series of matches between different teams, finally 2 teams made it to final which were Mamidipally and vattimalla village teams. Final Match was a nail-biting experience. In this event Spouse ZP Chairperson, MPP, SI, Ex single window chairman, Sarpanch, Earth foundation director, Senior coordinators, Sircilla Childline coordinator and team got participated. All the guests spoke regarding the event and thanked earth foundation for conducting such events to bring out the talent of youth in villages, where talent is abundant but lack of encouragement. All the youth who participated thanked the Earth team for organizing this event. Mamidipally team was the winner and Vattimalla was the runner up, prizes were awarded to the whole team.

Ambidextrous Drawing

Earth Foundation PET has a very special talent which is Ambidextrous drawing. Along with games and its strategies, he teaches this innovative and interesting activity to the students. In recent days, our team is teaching drawing to the students in an easier way which was by using numbers. This type of drawings will be laid as a good foundation for their drawing lessons. Students were learning it actively and interestingly, as it was different from their regular drawing.

Mother Awareness Program (MAP)

In this month Two MAP (Mother Awareness Programs) were conducted. On was in Jakkapur and the other was in Nimmapally. The theme of this MAP meeting was about students’ cleanliness, grooming and about homework of students. The Theme of this MAP Program was students Discipline and cleanliness.

  1. Mother must send their children to school regularly.
  2. Parents Should not watch TV serials in front of their children. If they do so, that creates a bad impact on them.
  3. Parents must strongly focus on their child cleanliness and discipline.
  4. Mother Must know about their children’s homework and how their day went. Mother have to make their children complete homework and help them in finishing it.
  5. Parents Must visit the school once in a while and know their children academics, sports and about other things. It will them to understand their children better and also focus on the thing where they are lacking.
  6. Our team told them to attend for MAP Program every month and also to convey the things that are discussed with the ones who are absent.
  7. Finally, a pledge was taken saying not to watch serials, spend most of the time with children and also to encourage their children according to their interest.
  8. In this program also mothers participated in games and grabbed prizes. Students were also given prizes for the best Ganesh idol.
  9. Ultimately, the feedback from mothers gave encouragement to the whole team. Each and every mother was thankful to the services of Earth foundation and also, they are happy with their kid’s improvement in all activities.
  10. Especially, one mother she got emotional saying that she used to beat her daughter and a lot disturbances occurred between husband and wife about their child education, when she was studying in private school. But after joining her in Nimmapally school, she is doing perfect in each and every activity. She thanked the whole team.

Craft work

This is also one of the new activities for all our adopted school students. This activity is make students know that nothing is waste. We can bring out the best from waste material using our creativity. So, to develop this we are making students do such beautiful crafts once in a week. From the below pictures, we can see flowers made out of pencil shavings and small conches, Rabbits from papers and bird structure from leaves. These kinds of activities will activate their hidden creative brain.