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About Earthindia

EArtH Foundation is a registered non-governmental organization [NGO] committed to uplifting the children of India, through education that empowers them both quantitatively and qualitatively. With a focus on academics, skills, values, and the holistic development of children in villages that we adopt, we emphasize education that results in the development of well-rounded students. Our dual-focus means both quantitative and qualitative parameters are important as outlined below:

Quantitative To eradicate illiteracy at the root level and aim for 100% literacy in the villages we adopt; to increase class attendance and participation percentage rates to the highest levels possible.

Qualitative – To improve a child’s academic and cognitive abilities; To develop skills and values; to focus on holistic and all-round development; to facilitate skill and personality development from a young age.

Our use of education as a tool, leads us to working closely with government schools to improve academic performance, class attendance and personality development (through sports, arts, communication skills, social responsibility/values, creative and ethics) Our aspiration is that once educated, these children will be the foundation stones of a better and more complete society. Our vision is brought to life by providing students necessary classroom access, consistent support and mentoring and distribution of key resources. Our work is aimed at eliminating illiteracy at the root level and emphasizes a long-term sustainable model of education. This is only achievable by ensuring that students, parents, villagers and charitable donors are invested in and taken along the journey.