May 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

Peddapally Cases

Child Marriage

This case was identified in outreach. Looking into the details of this case, parents arranged marriage to both minors, 16 year old Aarthi, resident of Peddabonkuru village of Peddapalli mandal to 20 year old boy Akira from Paarupalli village of Muttharam mandal. Immediately after knowing the information,DCPO, ICPS and Childline coordinator went to the location and took the details. They said that the girl came to Paarupalli for summer holidays and we have not planned for any marriage. We have provided counseling to the children parents that child marriage is against law and also warned them if they try to do so, a serious action will be taken against them as per the law. We have produced both the children before CWC. Currently, both the children are living with their parents. 

Child Abuse

This case was identified in outreach. Details of this case were, a girl pursuing 10th class in ZPHS, Odela went to school to attend her pre final exams around 7am on May 10, 2022. After two hours, school teacher noticed her absence and informed her parents. The child father rushed to the school and found her daughter crying at the school gate. He questioned her, and then she replied that a boy named K. Anand committed rape on her. An FIR has been filed and the victim has been produced before CWC on May 15,2022. Currently, the child attended all her exams and living with her parents.

Rajanna Sircilla Cases

Child Begging

This case was identified from local newspaper which was published in Praja Prashna on 13.03.2022 as “Bangaru Telangana lo Adukku Thine Valla Brathukulu Marava”.Total of 3 children were found begging at Venkatapur village of Yellareddypet mandal. In response to the News Article we went to Venkatapur village along with ICPS department and conducted enquiry. In news article, it was mentioned 3 children were begging and after conducting enquiry we also identified another 4 dropout children in that village. We met Children and their parents, took the details .Later we have produced all the children along with their parents in front of CWC and gave counseling that child begging is against law and should not be practiced. As per the CWC instructions, the childline team has joined 2 children in KGBV Residential schools, 2 children in Anganwadi School, Another 3 children in MPPS School. We took a letter from the parents mentioning not to repeat this again. Now the children are in good condition, they are not begging and regularly going to school.

Missing Child

Our team identified this case in social media. Going into the details of this case, a 27 days old boy went missing in Sri Raja Rajeswari temple, Vemulawada. Mother of the boy was a victim of intercaste marriage, her husband abandoned her along with her 2 year old and 27 days old boys.She went to the temple along with her boys and was living in the temple premises. During that time she met a couple who became good friends of her. She was offered a drink by the couple which made her to fall asleep. When she woke up she noticed her child is missing. Immediately she went to the nearest police station and filed a complaint. Police informed the case to childline-1098. After getting the information, Childline team along with the line department went to the police station and came to know that the child was found in Warangal railway station. Warangal childline team produced child before CWC Warangal after being rescued by Warangal police. Later case was transformed to CWC, Rajanna Siricilla. As per CWC instructions, the child was handed over to his mother and provided shelter in SAKHI center of Rajanna sircilla district. Later the child, along with his mother moved to SWADHAR home in Karimanagar. Currently, the child is in good health and living with his mother.

Child Abuse

Our team case across this news as part of outreach on April 28th, 2022. After knowing the information our team along with the BRB coordinator and SAKHI staff went to the location and took details. A 14 year old girl Usha, resident of Narsingapur village of Chandurthi mandal. She lives with her mother, an agricultural labor and her father migrated to Saudi. In the absence of child’s mother, neighbours Kammanapalli Kankaiah and Sheelam Lachhaiah, both entered her home and they offered her chocolates and biscuits and raped her. They both threatened the girl not to reveal this to anyone. On 25th of May 2022 child was suffering from severe stomach pain so she was taken to a RMP doctor for primary treatment. Later for better treatment she was taken to Thulasi Hospital in Vemulawada where doctors confirmed that she is pregnant. Immediately the child mother went to the police station and filed a complaint. The Police booked cases on both the accused under POCSO Act-2012. After that we produced the child before CWC. The CWC has supported her emotionally and as per CWC orders the child was handed over to her parents. Currently, the child pregnancy got aborted and she is living with her mother and continuing her studies.

Siddipet Cases

Emotional Abuse

We received this case from CCC, after getting the call, our team member went to the location and took details and came to know that the girl had a male friend on instagram.They used to call each other on instagram. One day, the boy proposed her, the girl rejected his proposal. The boy could not take rejection and used bad words on her, so the girl contacted Childline through 1098. Our team provided counseling to both of them that these kinds of attractions are very common at this age and also told them to focus on education and also reduce the usage of mobile phone.

Love & Elopement

We received this case in CCC; the details of this case are, a 16 year old girl named Radha, resident of Gudikandula village, completed her 10th standard. Both of her parents were agricultural labors. Her elder sister along with her husband also lives at Radha’s home. During this time, the brother in law had a close relationship with the girl,  likes her and planning to marry her,  both are in relationship from past 1 year and the girl became pregnant. The girl went to her grandmother’s home for holidays, from there her brother in law took her to his native place, which is Japtinaacharam village without informing the child parents. The parents filed a missing case and they found the girl in Japtinaacharam village along with her brother in law. When police tried to rescue the child, he refused to send the child back saying that “I married her”. But finally, the police rescued her and our team produced the child before CWC and gave counseling. With the acknowledgement of parents, the child pregnancy got terminated. Currently the child is now living with her parents.

Childline Numbers

Annual Day Celebrations

Annual day celebrations has begun on April 30, 2022 in EArtH adopted schools in Andhra Pradesh. The first annual day was in Nallamadugula School and the second was in Nakshatranagar School. By seeing the previous school annual day programs, students were very much excited to celebrate their annual day. The major thing about annual days in Andhra Pradesh adopted schools was students have learned all the activities in very less time and performed extremely well.


Finally, the wait is over, this is the first annual day we have celebrated in Andhra Pradesh adopted school, Nallamadugula. We have celebrated on April 30, 2022 in a grand manner. The chief guests and participants of this program were MPP Maadamanchu Venkateshwarlu, MPDO Katta Srinivasulu, MPTC Maadumala Narayan Reddy, SARPANCH Rajamma, APO Subbarao, Mandal Co-option member Patam Mehboob, Anjaneyaswamy trust board Chairman Morarji, senior teacher Venkateshwarlu ,Earth foundation senior coordinator Anjaneyulu, PET’s, Dance Master’s, school Staff, Parents and the beloved children.

The Program went very well without any distractions. Students performed extremely good. The great thing about these kids was, within the span of very less time they learned all the activities and performed well. Huge crowd attended the program and appreciated kid’s performances and also Earth foundation services to students. Students performed dance, yoga and pyramid formations with great energy, which automatically brought energy to the viewers also.


We have celebrated Annual day in Nakshatranagar school of Andhrapradesh on May 08, 2022. This was the final annual day from all our adopted schools. The chief guests for this program were sarpanch, vice sarpanch, Mandal educational officer (MEO), Mandal level school teachers, MPTC, Earth Foundation Director Raju sir, PET’s, Dance Master’s, students and their parents.


Mamidipally Tailoring Training


The month of sun has started, which is MAY, our learners also became almost perfect in cutting part and switched to stitching part. Generally, In stitching everyone will start their stitching lessons with hand, using needle and thread. Our learners have done the same on the beginning days. Everyone is unique, some are quick learners and some are slow learners. So those who are very fast were going with stitching and slow learners are becoming perfect in cutting. To be on the same page, everyone was helping each other. Finally, everyone finished blouse stitching with hand by 4th of May. Literally, they are very happy for their first level of success. In the weekend, trainer explained about how to stitch on machine and also some common mistakes that needs to be avoided during sewing on machine. Our team is grateful to the trainer, who is teaching with good patience.

After the successful completion of first week, on Sunday every mother celebrated their special day which is mother’s day. After the happiest celebrations, mothers again moved to their tailoring classes.


By Monday May 16th, 2022, everyone completed blouse stitching perfectly. Some learners those who are already aware of tailoring stitched frocks also.



Nizamabad Tailoring Training

Mother’s Day Celebrations

Every year on second sunday of May we celebrate the mother’s special day that is Mother’s day. Students from our adopted schools prepared beautiful greetings, flower bouquets, adorable drawings and gifts to their mothers. It is very important to inculcate in children to respect their mothers. Mothers were very happy for their children efforts in making their special day more special and memorable with their lovely presents. Especially one girl, with her pocket money savings, bought a beautiful saree to her mother. It is also very important to teach students that to respect women everyday like they treat on special days.

Old Students Tracking

Earth foundation adopts schools for a period of 3 years. After adoption, not leaving the students behind, we have taken a small step with the help of dance masters and PET’s to track old students. As a part of this, our team reached out to each and every student. We collected details of students like things they have learned during adoption period like how they are doing with the activity’s such as sports and yoga, drawing. We also ensured all the students that if they need any assistance in achieving their future goals Earth foundation will always be with them.