April 2023 Updates


Childline 1098

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three districts. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in April 2023 is 40. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 3583 (without Siddipet) and 4361 (with Siddipet). Please note that EArtH’s childline partnership in Siddipet has ended in March 2023 so we will not be reporting any numbers for Siddipet from now. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Robotics in Maharashtra schools

Ten robotics classes have been conducted thus far, with the most recent one taking place on April 18th. These classes have successfully cultivated an enthusiasm for learning diverse subjects among the children. As a result, the students are urging for the continuation of the classes. In response to their enthusiasm, efforts are being made to collaborate with Playto Labs in order to potentially initiate new batches of robotics classes.




Annual Day Celebrations


Our school organized a grand annual day program on the 25th, inviting all parents to join the celebration. The school premises were beautifully decorated with flowers and lighting, creating a festive atmosphere. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Principal Anwar and esteemed guests, including MPP Oggu Balakrishnna, Foundation Director Raju, Sarpanch Durgam Parsharamulu, MPTC Gopalapuram Banchander, Ex-MPTC Matte Bal Reddy, SMC Rajitha Garu, school staff members, volunteers, dance masters, and PET instructors.

The event was attended by 500 students’ parents and villagers as honored guests. The chief guests provided valuable guidance to the students, emphasizing the importance of future success, and their presence added to the significance of the day. The respected MPTC was impressed by the performances of the children in cultural activities such as dance, mono acting, and pyramid formations. He expressed appreciation for Earth Foundation’s efforts in improving the academic standards of primary children and assured continued support and assistance.

The cultural programs, including dance, skits, and pyramid formations, organized by the students, captivated everyone in attendance. A group of students presented a funny and engaging drama scene that entertained the audience and evoked laughter. The program’s success was attributed to the support of Earth Foundation, ensuring the enjoyment of parents and guests.

In his address, the principal congratulated the students, staff, foundation team, volunteers, and all those involved in the program’s success. The program concluded with the staff felicitating the guests with shawls.


On the 21st of April 2023, our school celebrated its annual day. The program began at 6 o’clock and concluded at 12 o’clock. It was a special occasion as Earth Foundation celebrated the anniversary of their adopted school, Kasulabad Ambarani.

The event was led by Principal Venkat Reddy, and esteemed guests including YMP Gajjela Sailu, DCBB Director Bakki Venkataiah, Senior Scientist Kottala Ravi, Mandal Vidyadhikari PrabhuDas (MEO), Sarpanch Bal Raj, Complex Headmaster Raji Reddy, Earth Foundation Director Mangalapalli Raju, and others were present.

The Dance Master, P.E.T, and volunteers from Earth Foundation appreciated the children for their excellent performances. The guests who witnessed the children’s performances generously provided financial assistance. Under the guidance of School HM Venkat Reddy, the Festival of Eyes commenced with the lighting of the jyothi.

The cultural program showcased mesmerizing dance performances, skits, and pyramid formations by the students, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. The Earth Foundation received accolades for supporting the dance performances and P.E.T activities. The students entertained their parents and teachers with skits on various themes, utilizing humor to imitate people and events from literature.

The dances, skits, and pyramid formations showcased by the students captivated all the attendees. Each guest delivered valuable speeches, sharing their thoughts and perspectives on the students’ achievements.


On April 17, 2022, we celebrated the 11th anniversary of our Earth Foundation. The event took place in Rahegaon School in Nanded, Maharashtra. The program started at 10 a.m. and ended at 1 p.m. It began with a cake cutting ceremony and a speech by our school teacher, who shared information about the foundation’s work with the villagers and students. The event also featured a farewell day party for the school. The children enjoyed eating chocolate during the celebration.

Fresher’s Day Program and Anniversary of EArtH Foundation in Nizambad

Fresher’s Day Program

The event started with a speech from our principal, who shared his thoughts and views on the students. Our foundation director, Raju, emphasized the importance of education and its impact on society. As part of our efforts to address the issue of mobile phone explosions, Earth Foundation organized a summer camp to keep our youth away from their phones and protect their lives.

During the celebration of Fresher’s Day, many skits were performed, delivering valuable messages to everyone. These skits held significant words of wisdom. While not all students may have paid full attention, some students listened attentively and found inspiration to develop their life skills and pursue their educational careers. These attentive students are likely to succeed in the future, and it is important for all students to listen to each skit and speech in order to reach their educational goals and ambitions.

Some students formed pyramids and performed religious dances, creating a wonderful moment where parents were filled with pride as their children prayed to them as gods and goddesses. The farewell of the fifth-grade students saddened our school staff, but the students shared their opinions and views, and everyone enjoyed the cake cutting ceremony. This celebration created a memorable and joyful experience for all the students.

Anniversary of EArtH Foundation

On April 18, 2012, we celebrated the anniversary of Earth Foundation. The farewell day party for Nizamabad School was also held on the same day, marking the 11th anniversary of our foundation. Our school recently conducted annual examinations from April 12th to April 18th, 2023. These exams aimed to assess the expected learning outcomes of our students, which encompass a wide range of knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, and values outlined in the curriculum.

During this time, we also celebrated the 11th anniversary of our earth foundation. As part of the celebrations, volunteers organized a drawing competition for the students. The participants were tasked with creating a logo representing EArtH Foundation. This activity allowed students to demonstrate their understanding of design principles, and color concepts, and the ability to apply them with specific aesthetic intent. The students showcased their creativity by presenting attractive and vibrant logos.

To conclude the festivities, we had a joyful moment of cake cutting and enjoyed the celebration together.

International Earth Day Celebrations

On April 8th, our foundation organized a celebration for World Earth Day. Volunteers and school staff actively participated in raising awareness about the significance of this day. The main objective of the event was to educate people about nature and its resources, emphasizing their importance for the survival of all living beings on Earth. The school staff provided clear and detailed information to the students, highlighting the importance of humanity’s role in preserving and protecting our planet. 

Dance and PET Activities

Dance Practice in School

Dance practice among students encourages artistic expression, boosts creativity, and enhances their confidence in self-expression. It is not solely limited to the brain, as dance engages the entire body, enhancing learning, thought processes, creativity, and intelligence. Through movement combinations, dance helps improve memory, order, and sequencing skills. Moreover, dance serves as a medium for expressing emotions. It is a non-verbal form of communication that allows students to convey their feelings and ideas through physical movement. Dance provides a powerful outlet for emotional expression and communication beyond words.

Exercising in School

The Physical Education Teacher (PET) instructs students on various activities such as pyramid formation, yoga, and Kolatam Dance.

Yoga is practiced to promote a healthy mind and body. The poses and postures of yoga not only have physical benefits but also contribute to spiritual well-being.

Formation of a pyramid is challenging, but students are enthusiastic about learning and mastering it. It involves strategic planning, coordination, and a trial-and-error approach. A pyramid is an acrobatic formation where multiple individuals support and balance each other in a tiered structure.

The PET provides theoretical explanations, and students show a keen interest and attentiveness towards the instructions.

Additionally, students begin practicing kabaddi, a combative sport played with seven players on each side. The game requires mental agility, team management, physical strength, and an understanding of the opponent’s strategies.

Practicing Mono-action in School

Students practicing mono-action engage in solo performances where a single individual portrays multiple characters in an alternating manner within the same scene. It requires versatility and the ability to adapt to different roles. Additionally, practicing one-act plays is an effective method to train and develop the voice, making it more flexible and responsive to different theatrical demands. 

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Jayanthi

On April 14th, the birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ramji was celebrated. He was an Indian jurist, economist, social reformer, and political leader who headed the committee. On this occasion, our foundation took the opportunity to share knowledge with students, addressing his views and thoughts towards the nation. We emphasized the importance of education and its impact on society, highlighting that education is the pathway to enlightenment.

As part of the celebration, our foundation organized a drawing competition within the school. The students actively participated in the competition and showcased their creativity through attractive and colorful drawings.

Mahatma Jyothi Rao Phule

On April 11th, 2023, our foundation organized Jyotirao Phule Jayanti celebrations. The students participated enthusiastically in various programs conducted by our foundation. The school principal delivered a speech highlighting the significance of Jyotirao Phule on this occasion.

Jyotirao Phule, also known as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, was a constant source of inspiration for future generations. He played a vital role in establishing social equality and worked tirelessly for the upliftment of marginalized communities and the empowerment of the underprivileged. His efforts were aimed at the development and welfare of the oppressed sections of society.

Coordinators Visiting Homes (Mother & Child Month)

The coordinators and volunteers meet with parents to provide advice and guidance. They emphasize the importance of students dedicating at least two hours daily to studying after returning home from school. By motivating children, parents can positively influence their behavior and academic performance. Additionally, when students guide their parents, it leads to an increase in their skills and knowledge related to studying and other curricular activities.

Parents Meeting

The parents’ meeting was organized in every school on the 24th of April as per the instructions of the Telangana and Maharastra government. During the meeting, parents were provided with the progress reports of the students for the academic year. The reasons behind students falling behind in their studies were communicated to the parents. The Earth Foundation conducted an awareness program during the summer on mobile addiction, emphasizing the precautions parents should take. Parents expressed their feedback about the Earth Foundation, highlighting its provision of quality education, sports, dance, communication, basic sports facilities, and physical education for students. The implementation of these initiatives has brought positive changes to the school, including the maintenance of a clean and neat environment. Parents proudly mentioned that after the implementation of the Earth Foundation, their children have developed various skills, actively participated in cultural activities, and students are learning dance and exercises with the help of a master. Additionally, the foundation provides skills books to students, offering them opportunities to improve their writing abilities.

Conducting End-line Test For Students

At the end of the academic year, volunteers conducted end-line tests for students in every subject. These tests served as a sample assessment for students, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in each subject. The purpose of these tests was to evaluate student performance and track their progress from the previous year. Upon comparing the results, it was observed that students showed significant improvement in their performance across all subjects. This indicated the effectiveness of the education and learning initiatives implemented during the year.