December 2020 Updates

Childline Statistics

As you know, EArtH Foundation plays a big role in saving children by partnering with Childline 1098. As of December 2020, here are the Childline statistics of EArtH Childline projects in two villages (Siricilla and Peddapally).

Childline Activities


We conducted mass awareness about CHILDLINE toll free number 1098 and its services. It is very useful to cover more people and officials to know about our services. In awareness programs we discussed major issues about Child Marriages, Child Labour, Online Safety and CSA (Child Sexually Abuse) Cases.

We also conducted outreach programs about CHILDLINE toll free number 1098. In this program we explained about Childline Services and Toll Free Number to both children and parents. We kept a childline-1098 stall at Devunipalli village (Laxmi Narasimha swami Jathara). In this program we conducted outreach and rescued the child beggars and children from child-labour. We identified missing children and did a Poster Inauguration with police department.

Open House

It is an activity continued after the school sensitization campaign on child issues. Children were encouraged to share issues such as violation of rights, lack of protection, etc. The desired outcome of this event is to assure children of a safe platform and step in and support them whenever the need arises. We have conducted four open houses in districts of Peddapalli & Rajanna Sircilla.


  1. Kakarlapalli on December 17th
  2. Lambadi Thanda on December 29th

Rajanna Sircilla:

  1. Degavath Thanada on December 11th
  2. Kondapur on December 23rd

Most of the issues raised were on Child Begging, Child labour, Child Abuses and Child Marriage cases. We explained how we reduced Child Begging and Child Labour with the help of align department where we conducted in open houses.

Groceries Distribution

In the pandemic situation, most of the families faced more problems on their primary needs. We provided six types of groceries to 40 child families (Peddapalli-10 &  Rajanna Sircilla-30) in this month alone. It was provided based on three categories 1) Orphan Child 2) Semi Orphan 3) Poor Child Families.

EArtH Foundation Activities:

In the pandemic situation, even though schools are closed, EArtH Foundation continued it services. We monitor the children individually to make sure they are following COVID-19 precautions. Most of the children continued their education and skills. Every day volunteers guide the education and one skill activity per day. They are elocution, poems, songs, drawing, story telling, good works, and essay writing.