January 2021 Updates

Digital Literacy Inauguration

EArtH Digital Literacy Program is a data-driven, student-centric, digital classroom (tablet-based learning) that enables an individualized, contextual approach that focuses on what children need and directs teachers to where they are most needed. EArtH foundation has partnered with CoveGenius to implement this program starting from January, 2021. Please click here to know more about the program. Honorable minister of urban development Sri K. T. Rama Rao garu has inaugurated the event.

Government school education have been one of the worst affected sections of societies in India due to Covid-19 – All EArtH adopted primary schools are still closed and there is no virtual teaching concept from the Government, and poor families can’t afford private online education. This program, though inline with our long term goals, is more timely in the current situation.

Childline -1098 Activities

EartH Foundation partnered with Childline-1098 for two districts (Peddapally and Siricilla). More information can be found here. Below table shows the total count of 182 of children EArtH saved to-date.

Rajanna, Siricilla

Special drive in prostitution areas

We conducted a special drive in prostitution areas in Sircilla town to identify minor girls for the second time. Although we did not identify any for the first time, we identified few minor girls after few followups. The police case was filed on POCSO ACT 2012 and PIT ACT. 

Operation Smile-VII

In the month of January we participated in operation Smile -VII program. It is conducted from January 1st to 31st through out India. We successfully rescued 67 child labors and 1 child begging in Rajanna, Sircilla. 



We conducted open house program at Sulthanabad mandal, Gollapalli village.In this program we explained about Childline 1098 services, child marriages, child labor. In this meeting Sarpanch, MPTC Secretary, School HM, ward members, children and village people participated. 

National Girl Child Day

We conducted National Girl child day program at Eligedu mandal, Lalapalli village. In this meeting we explained about the importance of girl child, child marriages, online safety. MPP, Sarpanch, MPTC ward members and other members also participated in this meeting.

Republic day

We celebrated in our Childline office on the occasion on Republic day flag hoisting by Honorable DWO.In this occasion DCPO and childline staff were participated.