March 2021 Updates

Digital Literacy Activities

During the pandemic, while the primary schools were closed, we worked on improvement of learning levels with the use of tablets. The program was very effective, most of the  children operated TABs without any support. Unfortunately, we had to temporarily suspend the program from March 23rd as the Covid -19 cases increased in the community. Most of the parents stopped sending their children to the tuition classes. 


Devunipalli jathara stall

We conducted a stall at Devunipalli Jathara, Sulthanabad mandal. In this jathara, Peddapalli MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy and CI visited the stall. We explained Childline 1098 services. We rescued 15 begging children in the Jathara.


Campaign on Childline 1098 toll free number

We conducted a campaign on Childline 1098 toll free number. This campaign was inaugurated by DWO. Sakhi team, She team, ICDS Supervisors and Anganwadi teachers participated in this.



We conducted an open house program at Palakurthi mandal, Munjampalli village. In this meeting we explained about Childline 1098 services,Child marriage,Child labour and other related issues. Mpdo, Sarpanch ,Panchayath secretary, Apm, Anganwadi teachers and Asha workers participated in this.


We conducted an open House on February 19th at Chinthaltana, Vemulawada Urban Mandal. DCPO Swarnalatha madam and village sarpanch participated in this. We explained Childline services, Child labor, Child marriages and corresponding punshiments. 

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 We conducted an open house on March 27th at Rajeevnagar, Sircilla. In this meeting, Area counsellor, BRB coordinator, DCPO, School HM, Anganwadi teachers and Ash workers participated. We discussed child marriages, child labour, child begging, love and attraction, school  dropouts and other child related issues.

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Rajanna Sircilla

           On March 15th we formed the Mandal Advisory Board (MAB) with Line departments, Chairmanship of Mandal MRO Yugandhar sir in Boinpally mandal. In this meeting, we explained EArtH CHILDLINE-1098 history and the importance of MAB. We also explained Child Marriage Act, and how Covid-19 affected child life and Childine Activities. We requested Line departments to immediately contact Childline when there is any child related issue. Officials such as MRO, MPO, MEO participated in this meeting and appreciated our childline services 

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Core work updates

Nallamadugula  School

During the pandemic situation 40 children out of 50 regularly attended our Nallmaduga school. EArtH volunteers took the covid-19 precautions to continue activities such as drawing, speech, moral poems and handwriting. 

Nakshatranagar school

During the pandemic situation 65%  children regularly attended Nakshatranagar school. EArtH volunteers took covid-19 precautions to continue activities such as health tips, speech and handwriting.