April 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

Peddapally Cases

Child Marriage: Our team received a call from CCC regarding a child marriage of a girl named Md.Ansiya, resident of B Powerhouse gadda, Ramagundam. Girl’s mother, living in Saudi, decided to get her married when she came to India on a vacation. She wants her daughter’s marriage to be finished and leave back to Saudi again. But the child’s age is less than 18 years. She fixed the engagement on 05/04/2022. Next,our child line team along with the ICPS, ICDS and police department went to the girl’s location on 06/04/2022. Our team spoke with the child mother and also the groom parents, gave counseling that child marriage is against law and the problems caused by the child marriage. Our team produced the child before CWC and provided the temporary shelter in sakhi. Finally our team produced the child again before CWC and as per their instructions sent the child back to the college where she is doing her studies. Currently, the child marriage got cancelled and now she is happily living with her family and continuing her studies.

Missing Child: As a part of outreach, our team member Satish received a call from Ramagundam RPF SI. She said that a boy was wandering suspiciously at the station premises. Immediately, our team member went to the railway station and came to know that the boy came to meet his brother, who was living in Jagtial.He got missed from that location and found in Ramagundam railway station, after taking the details of the boy, produced the child before CWC online. As per the CWC instructions we provided temporary shelter in CCI. In further process, the boy’s brother met the RPF police; the police said that the boy was handed over to the child line team. His brother approached our team and provided the basic details; our team member examined the details and took confirmation. Finally, the boy along with his brother produced before CWC and handed over the boy to his brother.

Rajanna Sircilla Cases

Child Marriage: Our team received a call from CCC regarding child marriage. In this case, the child herself was not willing to get married and approached the child line through 1098. The details of the child were, her name is Roja aged 17 years pursuing her graduation, living in kishandaspet of rajanna sircilla district. Recently, the child’s father passed away and her mother decided to get her married. After getting the call, our child line team along with the TSCPCR Member Sri.A.Devaiah Sir, CWC Chairperson and Members, BRB Coordinator, CDPO, MRO, DCPO, ICDS Supervisor, Panchayati Secretary, Sarpanch, Anganwadi Teacher, two Constables went to the location.Initially took the details of the child and verified her age and confirmed that she is below 18 years. We gave counseling to child mother that child marriage is against law and the problems caused by child marriage. Our team also explained about the child marriage act and if they try to do so there will be a penalty of rupees two lakh and two years of jail punishment. In return, we took a letter from them not to do marriage before she turns 18. Now the child marriage got cancelled and continuing her studies. 

Shelter & Education: As a part of outreach, our team member found this case on social media. After getting the information, our team along with the line departments went to the location. We spoke with the child and her mother; they wanted us to provide education to the girl. We have produced the child before CWC and ensured a hostel seat in K.G.B.V of boinpalli mandal. Recently, the child father got expired, so she said that she will be joining the hostel after the completion of her father’s last rituals.

Siddipet Cases

Shelter & Education: We received a case from sakhi center. Our team went to the location and collected the details. The details were child parents got addicted to Alcohol and drugs and not taking care of the children. Our team informed about this case to DCPU, rescued the child and provided temporary shelter in Bala Sadanam.Next day; children were produced before CWC and as per their instructions joined the children in CCI, sangareddy district. 

Nutrition: As a part of outreach, our team member found this case. Getting into the details, there was a poor family whose situation is very bad .The father committed suicide due to family issues. Now the 3 daughters and 1 son are living with her mother. They do not have a proper source of income. Our team informed about this case to the DCPU and CWC.As per their instructions, we have provided them with some nutritious food and supported them emotionally.

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Yoga is a physical activity which has become more popular these days. There are huge benefits of yoga to each and every individual. For our adopted school students, we teach yoga more than thrice in a week. As students are very young, they are capable of doing very difficult asanas easily. Our PET’s teach flexibility exercises before getting into asana which ultimately helps them to do the asana easily in very less attempts. Yoga helps in promoting good physical and mental health. Yoga comprises meditation, which improves concentration and helps students to focus more on academics. Each asana has its own benefits physically and mentally.

































Drawing is one of the most regular activities in all our adopted schools. The books we have provided consist of pictures, students do coloring for those pictures. When there is a festival, based on that theme students do drawings. From the above pictures, it was very clear. On the day of sri rama navami, students have drawn pictures of Lord rama and sita.On 10 th anniversary of our foundation, students have drawn the foundation Logo. Students’ drawings don’t look like drawings, they are drawn by 4 and 5th class students. The drawings just look like they are drawn by high school students. This was possible only because of students’ regular practice. Our volunteers teach easy ways to students for an effective outcome. Basically, students who are studying class 4 and 5 are able to draw small drawings like fruits, flowers and animals. Portrait drawing is a little tough for them but students from our adopted schools were doing excel in it.  Hope students may practice more and receive huge appreciation.
















































Along with these, students are also learning activities like march past, karate, elocution, flexibility exercises which are the base for yoga, pyramid formations and dance and also indoor games chess and carrom board.














Dance was the most liked activity by the children. From the beginning to till date, students have improved their level of performance gradually.  Initially, dance masters taught students about the basic movements. Then after those basic classes, the dance master chooses a song and teaches accordingly. While teaching, students were learning with keen observation and good interest. However, our staff takes classes in the afternoon session after the regular subject classes. So for students there will be no deviations and they will focus on learning. Dance is not only movement of hands and legs, but it also includes usage of property, maintaining expression throughout their act and good coordination. Students were taught about all the above things. Basically we teach all these activities to primary school students who are of age around 10-11.Even at this small age, students were following the master as said, like expressions, coordination etc. Let us hope that students may learn more and more and achieve greater heights. 






































Study Hour

It is the most crucial time for every student before exams. When exams are nearby, students expect to have a Study hour. Study hours are completely different from regular classes. Study hour helps students to revise all the topics in the presence of the teacher and clarify doubts if they have any. It also gives a motivation to learn more and more by seeing their friends. During this time, students learn the subject as well as practice them and get their doubts clarified. One more important thing was, we have announced an honorarium for the volunteers who spent their extra time for study hours. Students have utilized this study hour completely and wrote their exams very well.



“Bithiri Sathi” visit to Nizamabad School

To people who watch news are aware of Bittiri Sathi, he is mostly known for his telangana slang, an artist. He visited the Nizamabad School on April 8th to see EArtH Foundation’s work and to interact with children. On that day sarpanch, ward members, SMC chairman, press reporters and earth staff attended the program has given a warm welcome to Bittiri satthi and took part in that program. Bittiri sathi interacted with the children, school staff and village people. He has given the knowledge about the importance of education to the children by sharing his childhood experience. He also viewed the dance performances performed by the students and appreciated them. Our team has celebrated his post birthday celebrations with the children.















Annual Day Celebration

Annual day is the most special day in the whole academic year. Students were very excited to celebrate the annual day. Students from all our adopted schools celebrated the annual days very grandly.  The Annual day celebrations commenced from Mamidipally school and continued till today and left with Nakshatranagar School. Students performed very well in each and every activity like dance, skits, yoga, karate and pyramid formations.  In every school program, many chief guests have attended the program and appreciated the Earth Work. Students have done extremely well in each performance. For dance, masters have created an eco-friendly costume. Students have given a good message to the audience from their skits .On an overall, the celebrations went very smoothly and received good response. Below are the annual days of each and every school.



On the 4th of April, we celebrated the annual day in Mamidipally. The guests of this program were village sarpanch,Ex- sarpanch Co- founder of EArtH foundation K. Srinivas sir, Director Raju sir, senior co-coordinators, Child line coordinators, Principal sir and school staff, PET masters, Dance Masters and volunteers, Room to read coordinator ,reports and documentation coordinator, village elders, children’s and parents. The cultural activities have started after the speech program. Every guest explained about the Earth’s work to the parents and also made an announcement of a few summer programs like tailoring and talent hunt. There were around 12-15 dance performances. Students just nailed the show with their beautiful performances. When the kids were performing, their parents’ faces were filled with happiness throughout their performances. Students looked so cute and adorable in their costumes . Principal Sir got surprised with the student’s performance and made a statement, “Are these the kids that I see regularly!”He thanked Earth foundation and the staff.








































































Gopal Nagar

We celebrated another annual day at MPPS gopal nagar of Sircilla on 09 of April, 2022. The guests and participants of this program were Municipal chairman, Ex- counselors , MEO,Youth leader, Children hospital director, complex(group of 4-5 schools) high school headmaster, School principal and staff, Child line coordinators and staff, EArtH foundation senior coordinators, PET’s and Dance Master’s ,reports and documentation coordinator , volunteers, staff of other adopted schools, Parents and the children. During the counselor’s speech, he made a statement that the school has experienced an increase in strength, where they are about to put a “NO admission Board” this is definitely an outcome of hard work made by the Earth foundation. Next the cultural activities started with a traditional song and a classical dance performance. The whole program consisted of Dances, songs, Skits, Yoga, pyramids and a Karate performance. Actually, there are no words to describe their performances.  Every student looked so cute in their Costumes. All the acts received huge applause .Personally; I have witnessed a parent embracing her child out of happiness after the performance which was a beautiful thing.  Hope parents have noticed their children’s talent and encourage them in future.











































We celebrated the annual day on the 13th of April in Nizamabad school of Konaraopeta mandal. We have celebrated this festival outstandingly. The chief guests of this program were District welfare officer, Vice Member of provincial Parliament, sarpanch, Vice sarpanch, ward members, SMC Chairman, Child line Coordinator of sircilla district, child line staff, Earth foundation director, Earth foundation senior coordinators, PET’s, Dance Master’s, reports and documentation coordinator, Volunteers and the beloved children and their parents .A huge crowd has attended the program, like villagers, youth and high school students. Firstly, all the guests delivered their speeches and recognized the full work of the earth foundation. DWO sir also shared his experience with earth foundation like Earth foundation adoption has started from his village and also wished the whole team for their future endeavors. This program also consisted of many energetic dance performances, Message oriented skits and cute dress shows and an incredible yoga, pyramid formation. One of the special performances was, generally students learn alphabetical words, but this time instead of saying Apple, ball, cat…students have told freedom fighters names which was a great thing. It was absolutely great to remember 26 freedom fighter names at this very young age; this act also received a huge response. Finally, this program was also successful.

























































In Nimmapally, we celebrated the annual day on 22nd of April. The guests for this program were ZP chairman, MPP, Sarpanch, MPTC, DWO, Single window vice president, SMC Chairman, Child line coordinators of peddapalli and rajanna sircilla and their staff, Director Raju sir, senior coordinators, Dance masters and PET’S, Reports and documentation coordinator, other school teachers, students and parents. All the guests gave their valuable speech and after that cultural programs started. In this program also, students have performed extremely well. One guest has donated television to the students. All the students and guests enjoyed the show and appreciated our foundation work.

























Pyramid formation is a new activity which got added into our physical activities. We started teaching this activity in all our adopted schools from the past few months. This is an activity where individuals with good strength will be as a base and remaining stand on them to form a shape. Students from all our adopted schools were doing it with good interest, because it is different from all the activities. By practicing this activity, students may build good physical strength .From this activity; students can learn coordination, helping nature and trust