Empowering Girls & Women

The target community includes 300 girls and women from Malkapur, Nalgonda dist. These women are mostly from backward communities. In this community, the female population of various ages is given unfair disadvantage by society, circumstances, and sometimes their own families just because of being female. This project is going to increase awareness on the issues related to girls/female population, provide employment to mothers/female population, and eradicate the unfair disadvantage.


These are going to be our concrete objectives during the project duration.

  1. Dropouts: Reduce dropout rate of the girl child in selected village/community/school.
  2. School Attendances: Improve attendance in targeted schools/community/village.
  3. Academic levels: Improve academic leaning levels of the girls.
  4. Self-confidence: Improve self-confidence and morale of teenage girls. Rural societies suppress the ambitions of girls right from childhood.
  5. Self-defense: Teach them self-defense techniques, including possible martial arts training. This will help them protect themselves from bad elements of society.
  6. Employment: Teach tailoring/embroidery to women to help increase income.From 18-21: Provide training on Tailoring (stitching), Embroidery and beautician courses and encourage them to start business or provide employment.


  1. Month #1: Conducting Baseline in learning levels of Girl children and identifying related gross root problems in the community 
  2. Months 2-6: Start of Awareness events, door-door- campaigning, focus on academics
  3. Month # 6: Conduct midline of learning levels of the girl population.                                        
  4. Months 6-11: Awareness events, Martial arts classes, Tailoring and Beautician Course, Continuation of academics.
  5. Month # 12: Conducting Endline in learning levels of Girl children, continuation of awareness events.

Roles and responsibilities

#RolePrimary ResponsibilityOthers involved
Activities up to Baseline
Earth FoundationWomen selected, Village Volunteers
2Learning levelsEarth FoundationIntel VolunteersSelected & resource persons
3Martial ArtsEarth FoundationMaster(Resource person                     by Earth Foundation)
4Tailoring and Beautician coursesEarth FoundationTrainers and Intel Volunteers


During the course of 12 months, the work we undertake will ensure that the Girl children become confident and women become independent entrepreneurs following our exit. The following activities will ensure that the project is sustained beyond our direct intervention

We will continue to offer consultation to the women’s cooperative for a period of one year, after we exit. Following this, the women’s cooperative will be in a position to run it independently. 

Project Inauguration

Karate Classes

Beautician Course Training