We had a very successful competition. Congratulations to all 36 prize winners that you can see below. As you can see the below drawings, they were a charm to look at. Amazing piece of work in which so much hard work went into.

There were about 271 participants among all categories from all over the world. Though our primary goal was to raise awareness about the foundation, we were able to raise enough money to sponsor about 35 kids for one year. Thank you again to all participants and generous donations.

First prize Winners

Second Prize Winners

Third prize winners

Competition details:

Welcome to EArtH foundation’s Global Art competition – 2020! Registration form is below.

As you may know EArtH (Education|Art|Health) Foundation puts significant focus on Arts with its sponsored kids (~3500 kids so far), as part of our Personality Development curriculum. These pages can give you a synopsis of what EArtH does in its partnered villages: EArtH Mission, EArtH Child and Operating Model. With the same spirit, we want kids and adults around the world to share their passion towards Arts by participating in this free and fun competition in  Drawing, Painting, Singing & Dancing. We are excited to bring out the inner artists in you. Through this competition we also hope to raise awareness about EArtH Foundation’s activities.

Theme for Drawing/Painting : “Save the Environment“. Few ideas : Save Water, Save Trees, Save Marine Life, Recycle, Reuse, etc. (Below drawings by EArtH kids).

Why: Participate and Educate! Your participation in this competition will eventually help EArtH educate more underprivileged kids in rural India. Please communicate this to your kids, so they feel a sense of purpose while participating in this competition.

When: Deadline to register and submit is  August 9th 2020.

Where: This is a virtual competition. Confirmation email has instructions to submit work online. Please go through these rules and regulations before submitting your work.

Fee: Participating in this competition is free. However, you can donate one-time or recurring if you wish, on next page.

Prizes: Grand prize of CHROMEBOOK or TABLET for the best submission as per this criteria. 1st prize: EArtH backpack; 2nd prize: Water bottle; 3rd prize: Coloring pencil set; All participants: EArtH Calendar. Announcements will be made on both our website and our Facebook Page. Please Like the page to receive updates.

Contact us: events@earthindia.org