Rules and Regulations for EArtH Arts Competition 2020

  1. The goal of this competition is to raise awareness about EArtH Foundation’s activities. 
  2. There is no entry fee. However, participants can choose to donate any amount to EArtH Foundation. Donation is completely voluntary. One need not donate to take part in the competition. 
  3. Judges for the competition will not have any knowledge of any donation made by contestant(s).
  4. Children and adults from EArtH Foundation adopted villages and EArtH Foundation team members and their children are not eligible to participate. 
  5. Starting date for the competition is July 15, 2020. Ending date is Aug 09, 2020.
  6. Contestants may submit up to 2 pieces of art for the contest. Any contestant can receive only one prize.
  7. All artwork is preferred to be original. If an artwork is not original and is a reproduction, credit must be given to the original artist. 
  8. Artwork that is offensive, insensitive or display vulgarity to others will not be considered. 
  9. All decisions by the judges are final. 
  10. Winners for the first three places in each category will be announced few days after the competition ends. Prizes to the winners will be sent to their addresses.
  11. By entering this contest, the participants agree that the material provided by them could be and will be posted on EArtH foundations website or Facebook page, and for any promotion of EArtH foundation activities.

Specific rules for individual categories:

Grand Prize:

  1. Best of the 12 first prize winners (3 winners in each age group).
  2. Participation in multiple categories.
  3. Relevance to the theme of the competition.
  4. Majority of the judges to agree.

Drawing and Painting:

  1. The theme for the drawing is ”Save the Planet Earth”. It can be anything related to saving the planet like saving water, trees, reduce carbon emissions, etc.
  2. Drawing / Painting must be submitted in JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF format. Individual files must not exceed 30 MB.
  3. No computer-generated displays allowed. All drawings and paintings must be hand drawn.
  4. Please write your name on the drawing / painting. 


  1. Songs must not be more than 2 min in length. 
  2. Submit songs in audio or video format. Individual files must not exceed 100MB. 
  3. If video is submitted, care must be taken that only the contestant is visible in the video. 
  4. It is encouraged to sing songs that are not from movies / films. Devotional, folk, patriotic songs are preferred. 
  5. Songs could be in any Indian languages or English. 


  1. The competition is for individual contestants only. All types of dances are allowed.Group dancing entrees are not allowed. 
  2. Videos must not be more than 2 min in length.  Care must be taken that only contestant is visible in the video. 
  3. Submit Videos in audio or video format. Individual files must not exceed 100 MB.