February 2024

This webpage was created by our youth volunteer Neha Thota. Huge thanks to her for her selfless effort.

On February 11th, the Siddipet District hosted a state-level Surya Namaskar competition, organized by the Siddipet District Yoga Asana Sports Association, Vyasa Maharshi Yoga Society, and Telangana Yoga Asana Sports Association. Aimed at nurturing yoga talent among youngsters, the event took place at the Girls Education Complex in Siddipet, with notable guests including Honorary MLA Harish Rao, Siddipet DEO Srinivas Reddy, and SO Bhaskar. Students from adopted schools Velkatoor and Jakkapur excelled, with Harini and Renuka securing the 2nd and 3rd prizes, respectively. Both students performed admirably, completing over 600 rounds of Surya Namaskar. Earth Foundation’s Executive Director Mangalampalli Raju and team were praised for their contributions in strengthening government schools, receiving appreciation from DEO Srinivas Reddy. The Earth Foundation was assured of continued support from the education department for their commendable initiatives.

The Earth Foundation conducted a Mother Awareness Program (MAP) at Jakkapur Primary School on February 17, 2024. The school chairman was the chief guest. The program aimed to inform mothers about Earth Foundation’s adoption of the school and its comprehensive services for children’s development. Discussions included the importance of regular school attendance to maintain academic interest and setting goals for children. Mothers were advised on sending children to school in proper uniforms and with sufficient water in anticipation of the upcoming summer. Mothers were instructed to attend school meetings regularly for detailed updates. N. Harini, the second prize winner in the State Level Surya Namaskar Competition, received a 3000rs check, generating pride and inspiration among parents. The program also provided a platform for mothers to share insights into their children’s progress and aspirations. The event concluded with games and prizes for the participating mothers.

Self-Governance Day, a celebration fostering understanding and a competitive mindset among students, was observed in grand fashion at two adopted schools, Jakkapur and Thimmapur. Students enthusiastically impersonated various roles, replicating staff styles in teaching and walking. Dressed in attractive costumes representing their chosen roles, students prepared teaching materials such as charts and drawings, delivering clear explanations to peers. Those taking on the role of Physical Education Teachers (PET) excelled in teaching games. With the assistance of volunteers, students created beautiful pictures depicting the significance of the special day. The event concluded with prizes awarded to the best performers, and memorable moments captured through photographs, adding to the overall success of the celebration.

The Major Highlights of this program from Jakkapur are where a student of 5th class named A Rishita played role as DEO (District Educational Officer), K Deepthi ast D E.O(Deputy Educational Officer) and B Avantika as MEO (Mandal Educational Officer) and they played the roles of HM (Headmaster)and other Subject Teachers. This whole day was viewed and guided by the School Management, Earth Foundation volunteers, PET, and other respectable staff.

Below are the pictures of Self Governance Day celebrations in Thimmapur:

Annually on February 21st, the nation commemorates a day dedicated to promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as multilingualism. The goal is to encourage people to preserve and utilize various languages to prevent their disappearance. In all our adopted schools, we celebrate this day to raise awareness among the younger generation. With the prevailing emphasis on English, there is a concern about its impact on the use of regional languages like Telugu. Through these celebrations, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility in students to preserve and respect their mother language. The headmaster and staff echoed this sentiment. Students conveyed messages and shared the fundamentals of their mother language, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and respecting linguistic diversity.

National Science Day is celebrated on February 28 in India to honor the discovery of the Raman effect by physicist Sir C. V. Raman. This celebration is observed in all adopted schools, commemorating Raman’s achievements and inspiring students. The day includes a program with prayers, speeches from chief guests and teachers, and evaluation of experiments conducted by students. The chosen topics, often related to everyday life and agriculture, showcase practical problem-solving skills. Impressed by the students’ talent, the guests commend their hard work and efforts. A mini exhibition features students’ projects, contributing to the day’s success and highlighting their significant contributions. National Science Day serves as a platform for acknowledging scientific achievements and fostering a passion for science among students.

Below are the pictures from the science day celebrations of thimmapur:

In addition to primary school, high school students also celebrated this science day very happily.Because we have this Mobile Science lab, where we keep shifting the lab vehicle from one adopted school to another. As it was currently at thimmapur, High school students also performed some experiments present in their academics and displayed some of their project’s ideas and projects which were viewed by the primary school students.

The Sub Junior Kabaddi Championship in Siddipet saw the participation of 108 boys and 42 girls from various districts, including 10 boys from Thimmapur and 3 girls from Bhoompalli, selected by our team from adopted schools. Despite facing tough competition, Vennela, a 9th-grade girl from Bhoompalli, and Karthik, a boy from Thimmapur in the same grade, emerged victorious, earning spots in the State level competition. Earth Foundation’s PET will provide training to these selected students over the next four days. The Earth Foundation, represented by Executive Director Mangalampalli Raju, offered small and healthy refreshments to all participants, recognizing and supporting the achievements of the talented young athletes.

On 11th of February an event was conducted by AFI (Athletics federation of India), the 19th National level meet 2024 event was organized in Siddipet district for the selection of inter-district athletes. A student from our adopted school named Ramesh studying 10th class participated in shot put competition and got first place by throwing it at 10.30 meters and got selected for national level. This was a proud for the whole team because he seeks guidance from our Earth Foundation PET and being correcting him self day by day and improved. The national level event will be held in Gujarat from 16-2-2024 and 19-2-2024 and he went there with the best wishes and performed well.

The ongoing skill programs, following a set schedule, focused on key themes this month. The primary emphasis was on goal-setting, with the recognition that a long-term goal is crucial for success. Many students lacked clarity on this, prompting a motivational speaker to guide them in choosing goals aligned with their interests. The speaker outlined the necessary steps for achieving these goals, encouraging students to create visual charts and place them prominently for constant motivation. The second topic covered was the importance of revision. Students were advised against last-minute cramming and instead urged to consistently revise their studies for better comprehension and long-lasting knowledge. The skill programs aim to instill valuable life skills, guiding students toward success and effective study habits.

As a part of skills program, computer classes were also going fine in gambeerpur high school. Students were learning the things so fast. For this month, the topics learned are Notepad, MS word, MS -paint and keyboard shortcuts. One must be aware of these shortcut keys to avoid time taking and conventional methods to perform an operation on a computer. Coming to the theory, students have learned about the different types of storage available in a system.

The academic year is concluding, marking the commencement of farewell programs, with Dubbaka ZPHS Girls High School being the first adopted school to celebrate this occasion. For high school students, it’s a poignant farewell as juniors bid adieu to seniors, transitioning to higher education. The special day was marked by joyful celebrations, featuring numerous performances. Distinguished guests, including MEO Prabhudas and Earth Foundation Executive Director Mangalampelli Raju, delivered valuable speeches on societal changes and the path to success. The students had diligently prepared for the event, showcasing their talents in dance, drama, and singing, culminating in a grand and successful farewell program.

Maharastra Activities:

As the academic year concludes, the much-anticipated Annual Day arrived, celebrated in grand style at Kakandi Zilla Parishad High School, our adopted school in Maharashtra. In its second year, the event was meticulously planned to surpass the previous year’s success, addressing past mistakes and ensuring a seamless execution. Held on February 16, the event featured distinguished guests, including the Grama Sarpanch of Kakandi, local leaders, the school headmaster, and Earth Foundation representatives. The audience comprised parents, villagers, and beautiful children who showcased their talents. The program included 26 dance performances, featuring traditional Maharashtrian dance forms like Lavani and Gondhal, along with patriotic songs. Dramas with meaningful messages and mono acts of inspiring personalities were also presented. The well-dressed students received appreciation from parents and attendees, expressing gratitude to Earth Foundation for nurturing the children’s potential. Overall, the event was a resounding success, filled with joy and enjoyment for all involved.

As the time for the Annual day is approaching, students were completely in the practice of annual day dance performances. The songs selection was done by the dance master and the dance steps were taught based on their song. There are nearly 26 dance performances of different dance forms. So, students were chosen in groups for different dance forms and dance was practiced accordingly. The students have been learning dance regularly on daily basis by the dance master provided by earth foundation, so they did not take much time to learn dance. In fact, they learned so easily with minimum efforts, they had worked only hard for the formations but ultimately nailed it. Students practiced for so long to give their best in the annual day and as thought they did it.

Yoga, taught by a Physical Education Teacher (PET) master, is a regular activity at our adopted schools, promoting mental well-being and good health among students. The program includes instruction in yoga asanas and meditation, with a focus on controlled breathing. Beginning with basic asanas, the complexity of yoga increases weekly. To prepare students, basic warm-ups are practiced before engaging in actual yoga classes. With the approach of final exams, this month emphasizes meditation to alleviate students’ exam-related stress, refreshing their minds and fostering a calm and composed state for effective preparation.

Gradually, Earth foundation is improving services day by day. From dance master and PET and we have improved to provide vidya volunteers to the students. There is a need for vidya volunteers because of limited staff. With the help of these vidya volunteers, students can learn more, clear doubts, and many advantages they can get through them. Students were absolutely getting benefited by their presence and concentrating more. As the volunteers were taking good care of every child and correcting them at the moment, when they go wrong and immediate clearance of doubts. Here in the above pictures, we can see, volunteers were making students read the charts, that’s a good thing.