EartH Annual Skills Competitions

Interschool competitions are often arranged for students supported by, and attending EArtH Foundation sponsored schools in villages that we have adopted. This allows for greater development of competitive spirit and also increases important social interactions between students attending different schools and residing across various villages.

Intra Competitions 2019

EArtH feels great to participate in national level ATA BALOTSAV competition at RAVINDRABHARATI auditorium in Hyderabad. 34 EArtH kids from 3 villages (Malkapur, Mamidipally, and Indaram) participated in the competitions and WON prizes in 2 categories. Please go to Intra-Competitions 2019 page for more details.

Intra Competitions 2018

EArtH conducted its 2018 Annual Skills Competitions Event on Republic Day occasion. This organization level / inter-school event is only for its newer villages – Raghavapur, Malkapur, CSPuram, Indaram, Mamidipally (Kothapalem didn’t participate since it’s too new). Please go to Intra-Competitions 2018 page for more details.