December 2023 Updates



In the month of the Mother’s Awareness Program (MAP), the team conducted a session in the adopted school village, Kasulabad. The program aims to raise awareness about children’s academic performance and provide mothers with a refreshing break. The session begins with interactions between school staff and mothers, discussing received services and funds. Parents share insights into their children’s activities and behavior at home. Fun games follow, engaging mothers in teams and providing a much-needed recreational opportunity. The event successfully encourages mothers, often busy with household chores, to spend time for themselves. Attendance from the village’s mothers is substantial, making the program a success. Special guests, including a respected SO sir and the director of Earth Foundation, attended and praised the team’s services. Discussions also addressed the irregular attendance of a specific community of students, with a focus on encouraging regular school attendance. The director highlighted an upcoming state-level event and its benefits for student participation.

Christmas Celebrations

On Christmas Day, the team celebrated in two adopted school villages, Jakkapur and Kasulabad, by identifying underprivileged students through foundation volunteers. On the evening of the festival, EF staff visited the students’ homes, decorated minimally, and shared a festive atmosphere. The families cut a cake provided by the staff, fostering a joyful environment. Volunteers distributed groceries to the families, aiming to bring happiness to students and their households during a time when others are celebrating. The initiative sought to alleviate any feelings of loneliness or sadness among the students and their families. The team’s hope is that the celebrations brought genuine happiness to the students and their families.

Drama Competition

Practice Sessions

Several impactful dramas were performed as practice sessions to raise awareness about women’s issues and promote empowerment through education. Notable plays included Bahegaon School’s Class 7th boys presenting “Addiction,” Bahegaon School’s Class 7th girls performing “Dowry Sacrifice,” and Rahegaon School’s Class 5th girls and boys staging “Your Village is a Clean Village.” These dramas aimed to shed light on various atrocities against women and empower them through education, contributing to public awareness and fostering positive change.

The Competition

The Maharashtra Labor Welfare Board Group Office Nanded organized a District Level Children’s Drama Competition, featuring students from Rahegaon and Bahegaon Zilla Parishad schools, with a total of 60 participants. Five plays were performed, including “We Can,” “Castle,” “De-Addiction,” “Dowry Sacrifice,” and “Your Village is a Clean Village.” The play “We Can” from Bahegaon ZP School secured the second prize of Rs 2000. Digambar Kolhe in the drama “De-Addiction” was honored as the best actor, receiving a prize of Rs 500, while Draupada Om Shinde in “We Can” was awarded the best female actor with a prize of Rs 600. Additionally, Subhash Jogdand received the second prize for the best direction in the play “We Can,” earning 600 rs. The competition showcased the talent and creativity of the students, recognizing outstanding performances and contributions.

Sports Material Distribution

In the latest event, the Earth Foundation organized a distribution of sports materials and bags at Thimmapur School. The distribution included items like carrom boards, chessboards, skipping browses, and more. Notable attendees included DEO sir Ellanki Srinivas Reddy, MEO, school principal, teachers, and volunteers. Earth Foundation director Raju sir, coordinator Anjaneyulu, and volunteers were also present. Students welcomed DEO sir with handmade greeting cards, leading to a conversation with the students. The distributed materials reached all primary class students, bringing them immense joy. DEO sir commended Earth Foundation for its services in rural government schools, acknowledging the organization’s impact. Cultural activities by students were appreciated with awarded gifts. DEO sir assured ongoing support, leaving students grateful for the foundation’s contributions and hoping to excel in sports with the provided materials.

Motivation Classes

The Earth Foundation has initiated motivation classes for high school students in their adopted school villages—Thimmapur, Velkatoor, Jakkapur, Dubbaka, and Kasulabad. Recognizing the prevalent stress among students in the current generation, the organization aims to equip them with coping mechanisms and prevent unexpected decisions. The classes cover topics such as the advantages and disadvantages of mobile usage, the importance of education, and the significance of discipline, particularly in the context of academics. Volunteers emphasize the drawbacks of excessive mobile phone use and the impact of social media on academic focus. The overarching message encourages students to balance education and other activities with discipline for future success. Through interactive sessions, volunteers gain insights into students’ opinions and feelings, tailoring the motivation to address their specific situations. The hope is that students find the motivation valuable and implement these lessons in their lives.

Computer Classes

Over the past two months, the Earth Foundation has been actively teaching computer skills to students across all their adopted schools, starting from Velkatur School and subsequently in Thimmapur, Dubbaka, and Gambirpur. Recognizing the importance of computer literacy in the era of artificial intelligence, the foundation introduced computer classes as part of its skills program. The curriculum covers the history and invention of computers, progressing to practical applications such as typing, word processing, notepad, paint, and Excel. Each topic is taught over 2-3 days, with 1-2 classes dedicated to theory and practical aspects. The computer instructor provides detailed explanations, addressing students’ doubts promptly. The students, despite living in rural areas, are enthusiastic about learning computers. Periodic examinations are conducted as the program moves to different schools, and students consistently perform well, achieving good scores. Such positive results serve as motivation for donors and volunteers to continue their efforts in teaching and serving the students.

Science Lab

Continuing their Earth Foundation on Wheels program, the organization has moved the science practical materials to Gambeerpur High School for a week-long engagement. Volunteers set up the equipment in the school’s science labs, bringing joy to the school principal, staff, volunteers, and students. The interactive session involved displaying small experiment materials in the classroom, with explanations provided for each one. Students were individually called to identify equipment related to various topics like sound and light. Actively participating, students personally experimented with the equipment, expressing happiness at experiencing live, practical results. This hands-on approach to learning is seen as a valuable method, making it easier for students to grasp concepts and aiding in long-term retention. The students expressed gratitude to the foundation for providing such a beneficial learning experience.

New Year Celebrations

As 2023 comes to a close, the Earth Foundation reflects on the lessons learned and experiences gained. In anticipation of the new year, the team celebrated by distributing bananas and chocolates to primary and higher-class students in their adopted schools. Prior to the distribution, there was an interactive session between students, school staff, and Earth Foundation members. The students happily accepted these simple yet thoughtful tokens of celebration, marking the transition into the upcoming year with a spirit of joy and camaraderie.

Co-Founder’s Visit from US

On December 29th, the Founder (Pramodh sir Garu visiting from US) and Co-founder (Srinivas sir garu)of the EARTH Foundation, brought smiles to the faces of children during their visit to two adopted schools, Kasulabad and Thimmapur. The founders spent valuable time interacting with the students, who were delighted to meet the individuals behind the services they receive. Pramodh sir examined the exercise books provided by the foundation, emphasizing the importance of speaking skills in the current context. Discussions with teachers and parents centered around enhancing communication abilities. Directors and coordinators also actively participated in the event. The founders dedicated the entire day to creating memories and enjoying quality time with the children, leaving a positive impact on both the students and the educational community.