January 2024

On January 6th, Earth Founder Peddi Pramod Kumar and Co-Founder Kalaveni Srinivas visited MPPS Jakkapur Primary School and Bhumpalli Primary School and High School to assess the impact of their educational initiatives. At Jakkapur, they engaged directly with students, explaining the purpose behind their activities and gathering insights into their progress. They observed various activities, gauging their effectiveness and discussing potential improvements. Later, they informed parents about the positive changes in their children’s education and encouraged greater parental involvement. In Bhumpalli, they interacted with staff, observed student showcases, and assessed the success of initiatives like science labs and motivation classes. Conversations with students allowed them to evaluate learning outcomes, while discussions with parents emphasized the importance of cooperation for school development. Visiting parents’ homes provided further insight into the impact of the programs on children’s academic and economic well-being. These visits underscored the value of direct engagement in understanding and enhancing the effectiveness of educational initiatives.

Respected Earth Foundation Founders, Pramodh Sir and Kalaveni Srinivas, visited three adopted schools in Maharashtra. They met with local officials including the Panchayat president, Deputy sarpanch, PolicePatil, School management committee president, and Collector head. During their visit, they interacted with students, providing feedback on services and emphasizing grooming and dressing. They also engaged with volunteers, ensuring alignment with the Foundation’s goals. Meetings with parents yielded positive feedback on academic and extracurricular improvements in their children. At Bahegaon school, they attended the Annual Cultural Event as chief guests, distributing prizes for competitions like painting, essay writing, cleanliness initiatives, rangoli, and sports. The students were delighted to receive recognition from those facilitating their educational activities.

The Earth Foundation organized a two-day Organization Level Event in January, gathering 156 students from six adopted schools at Girls High School, Siddipet. Competitions spanned 22 subjects, encompassing various activities like group and solo dance, singing, drawing, essay writing, sports, and intellectual challenges.

Day 1 commenced with an inauguration by Chief Guest Siddipet Sectoral Officer Bhaskar, initiating activities such as essay writing, drawing, kabaddi, and solo dance. The Foundation’s emphasis on handwriting practice sheets aimed to enhance students’ penmanship across languages, a practice proven effective during state-level events.

Day 2 began with athletic events followed by intellectual challenges like GK and spell bee. Distinguished guests including SC/ST Chairman Bakki Venkanna and Earth Foundation Founders Peddi Pramod and Kalaveni Srinivas attended. Pramod stressed participation’s importance over winning, while Srinivas underscored the Foundation’s role in molding students’ futures.

Guests recognized the Foundation’s efforts in providing holistic education, combining academic learning with extracurricular activities. Winners were rewarded with gifts, reinforcing their achievements and encouraging continued engagement in diverse fields.

The event showcased the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals by providing opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills beyond the classroom. It highlighted the importance of education in its broadest sense, encompassing not only academic excellence but also physical fitness, creativity, and intellectual development. Through such events, the Foundation aims to instill confidence, teamwork, and a spirit of healthy competition among students while fostering their overall growth and development.

In India, we celebrate festivals with great fervor, including the English New Year and Sankranti. Following the New Year, Sankranti festivities, particularly rangoli-making, are cherished traditions. EArtH Foundation organized a Rangoli Competition involving women from villages near adopted schools. Mothers of primary school children and high school students, including boys, participated, creating rangolis reflecting festival customs and Foundation themes. Prizes were awarded to the top three designs, eliciting joy and gratitude from participants. This event not only celebrated tradition but also showcased community talent and fostered a sense of unity and appreciation for cultural heritage.

On January 26th, India celebrated Republic Day, commemorating the adoption of its Constitution. Children from all adopted schools enthusiastically participated in various activities to mark the occasion. Dressed patriotically, students conducted rallies in villages, showcasing their talent through slogans and patriotic dances, impressing villagers with their performances. Some students even dressed as iconic figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Upon returning to school, students engaged in diverse activities like dancing, singing, and mono acting. The event concluded with the distribution of prizes for pre-day games, with students receiving certifications for their state-level participation and victories. The day not only celebrated India’s rich heritage but also highlighted the talents and contributions of its youth in shaping the nation’s future.

A School Management Committee (SMC) meeting was convened at Bhumpalli MPPS School, chaired by the Headmaster. Parents, village elders, and representatives from EArtH Foundation attended, reviewing the Foundation’s programs over the past 8 months. The meeting addressed school issues, with teachers highlighting students’ progress since the Foundation’s involvement, advocating for continued support. Requests were made to adjust working hours to accommodate the Foundation’s activities. EArtH Foundation representatives expressed willingness to adapt to teachers’ preferences. Bhakki Venkanna, the chief guest, lauded the Foundation’s impact on the village, pledging full support. Parents examined Foundation materials, gaining insight into its teaching methods. The meeting concluded with resolutions to adjust duties and foster collaboration between the school and the Foundation, reflecting a shared commitment to student development and community partnership.

Our Foundation attended a program hosted by the Deshpande Foundation, an NGO supporting sustainable social and economic impact through innovation and entrepreneurship in the US, Canada, and India. The event saw participation from 40 NGOs, providing an opportunity for our Director and Executive Director to network and learn from others’ experiences. US Consulate General Jennifer Larsen graced the occasion as the chief guest. NGOs showcased their work through stalls, allowing our representatives to exchange ideas and share our initiatives. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, enabling us to gather insights for future improvements and collaborations.

The EArtH on Wheels program is designed to bring educational enrichment directly to higher schools. Motivation classes cover vital topics such as discipline, the importance of education, mobile phone drawbacks, and communication skills. Students are encouraged to understand the significance of discipline in shaping their character and the adverse effects of excessive mobile phone usage on their academic interests. Practical tips on managing mobile phone usage wisely and improving communication skills are also provided.

Computer classes at Dubbaka High School offer comprehensive training in MS Paint, MS Office, and Excel, both theoretically and practically. Students enthusiastically engage in learning about computers, enhancing their technical skills and creativity. Progress is assessed through small slip tests, ensuring comprehension and retention of concepts covered.

Recognizing the value of practical learning, the program introduces a mobile science lab equipped with essential apparatus. This lab travels between adopted schools, enabling students to conduct experiments aligned with their syllabus. Briefings on lab equipment precede hands-on experimentation, allowing students to understand scientific concepts better. They document their findings, enhancing their note-taking skills and reinforcing their understanding of scientific principles through practical application.

Overall, EArtH on Wheels aims to empower students by providing holistic educational experiences. By addressing crucial topics like discipline, technology, and science through interactive sessions, the program fosters a deeper understanding of academic subjects and promotes essential life skills. Through these initiatives, students are better equipped to excel academically and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

In Siddipet Hanuman Nagar, a district-level kabaddi tournament led by Hanuman Youth saw Earth Foundation’s Thimmapur High School students participating. Among 14 teams, the students emerged victorious, clinching the first prize of ₹2516 and the tournament trophy. Their success was attributed to consistent practice under the guidance of the Physical Education Teacher (PET) provided by Earth Foundation.