October 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in October 2022 is 91. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 1991. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Staff Training

Our team organized a training to the staff of all adopted schools. This training was conducted for two days, October 8th and 9th of 2022 at ZPHS, Indiranagar of Siddipet district. This training was conducted to explain all the new volunteers about earth foundation activities and also train them in multiple skills to teach students in a better way. Our Co-founder, Director and senior coordinators explained in detail about earth’s motto of transforming India by giving quality education to the students. We also provided resource persons to teach them handwriting, TLM (teaching learning material) and so on.

World Hand Washing day

Every year, the 15th of October is observed as global hand washing day. Most of the people in our country are not aware of this day. Most of the health issues in children are caused due to their improper hygiene, with a result of their poor academic performance. So, if we follow such days and make them aware of its importance, we could make student attendance high and also make them free from getting sick. As it was related to health and hygiene our team decided to observe this day in all our adopted schools. From the above pics, we can see. In our schools’ volunteers described the steps for washing hands very clearly. At Velkatoor school, our senior coordinator visited and made this day more effective by calling the mothers to school and explained about the steps of handwashing. Students also made some wonderful skits demonstrating the steps of handwashing. 

World Student’s Day

On the 15th of October, we have this one more special day which is World student’s Day, the birth anniversary of DR.APJ Abdul Kalam Garu, one of the major favorite personalities of students. He has dedicated his life to share knowledge. Our volunteers and teams from all our adopted schools explained to the students about APJ Abdul Kalam Garu’s life story and his achievements and failures. This was a great inspiration for many students.

Mother Awareness Program

On October 15, 2022, we conducted the MAP program in Nizamabad school of Rajanna Sircilla district and Velkatoor of Siddipet. In this program our senior coordinator Anjaneyulu sir, MAP coordinator Ramya, School principal, staff, PET, Earth volunteers and mothers participated. In this meeting, team discussed about the importance of children education and the role of mother in enhancing children performance. Principal sir also explained about the importance of conducting MAP meetings and SMC meetings. He also told mothers not to skip a single meeting. He also explained about the skill books that we present to the students. In this meeting BALA SABHA was conducted, in which students perform their talents like speech, storytelling, jokes, mimicry in front of their mothers. The mothers were very proud of their children’s talent. This time was perfect to discuss about the upcoming event, which was the ATA Balotsav. We explained this event to the mothers that it will be a greater opportunity to present their child’s talents and get identified. A one minute fun activity was conducted for the mothers to participate in and prizes were distributed.

Diwali Celebrations for poor

Our team planned to give groceries and celebrate the festival of Diwali with poor families from our respective adopted school villages. This was a pre-planned program and was executed well with the support of coordinators, volunteers, PET’s and dance masters. For each village, our volunteer, dance master or PET went to their homes and celebrated Diwali with them. For this, initially our team has identified the poor families and did these celebrations. The families were very happy that we did this and thanked our foundation for conducting such a good activity.

Three new schools adopted in Siddipet

We all know that 3 schools were adopted initially from Siddipet district. We had the potential to adopt 3 villages, so Thimmapur, Arepally and Kasulabad were adopted in the Siddipet district. With this total, 6 schools are under adoption from Siddipet. We are happily expanding our services to many villages with all our support and team dedication. Our team provided dance masters, PET and volunteers to those schools and distributed handwriting work sheets and exercise sheets to the students. Skills books were also given to the principal of schools to present it to the one who are excel at their academics. Every school was happy with our adoption and services to the students. Students were also happy that they are able to improve their talents by a proper guidance like dance. A survey was also been conducted to identify the children present in the village and also regulars and dropouts. So that we can take a step towards helping dropout children with the help of childline-1098.Volunteers who were giving baseline tests to understand their academic level.

Two English proverbs a day

One of the most thought provoking notice board to our students was filled with a proverb, general knowledge question and 2 English words daily. Since past few months, we are making our volunteers write it on the display board or notice board. It used to be different for each school, later we made it the same for every adopted school. This way, everyone will be on same page. From below quotations, we can see one is teaching us about what gives us happiness, the next one about being courageous and about success and failures in life. Firstly, many will be in a good status, but will lack moral values, so to avoid this we are teaching these daily to our little students. At least out of 20 students, 5 may try to know its meaning and start executing it in their daily life. The second one is a GK question. Students these days were limited only to textbook knowledge, but it mandatory to know things around us. So, to make sure this, we have included GK question. We know the major roles English plays in today’s life. Most of the students learn English like other subjects, but it when it comes to English speaking, they are put a step backward. This can be avoided when the telugu meaning of word is known.