How do I Volunteer

You can volunteer for us in the following ways:

In the USA

  1. Outreach: Bring more awareness to EArtH foundation among your families, friends and communities. Encourage them to support EArtH. Share our media on various social media channels.
  2. Fundraising: Help us raise funds for EArtH foundation
  3. Website Maintenance: Creating and editing content for the website
  4. Administrative tasks: Documentation, mailing, other adhoc tasks 
  5. Join the core team: Discuss and contribute on how to improve the organization constantly and be part of making decisions.

In India

  1. Education: We welcome individuals who are qualified and would like to teach EArtH children the activities listed below. You must be able to speak English, Hindi or Telugu.
    1. Public speaking
    2. Effective writing
    3. Team building
    4. Emotional Intelligence
    5. Sports
    6. Yoga-Asana, Meditation
    7. Dance
    8. Arts and Crafts
    9. Social work – Seva projects (Service)

Events Management: We organize many events for EArtH children at the different schools/villages we have adopted. You can help us organize these events.