February 2023 Updates


EArtH Childine-1098

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in February 2023 is 47. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 4269. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Playto Robotics

EArtH Foundation, in partnership with Playto Labs, has introduced Robotics classes for EArtH students. Playto Labs has generously volunteered to teach the children, enabling them to contribute towards a good cause. The program was initiated in two villages in Maharashtra, Kakandi and Babulgaon. The children displayed a enormous interest in learning the fundamental concepts of robotics such as motors, sensors, actuators, and constructing different types of robots. The classes will continue for 8-10 weeks, and there are plans to expand the program to larger groups. While it has been only few weeks, EArtH children showed enormous curiosity in learning Robotics.

National Science Day

National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28th in India to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir C.V Raman. Volunteers and coordinators conduct Science Day in every village, while Our Earth Foundation conducts Science Day in every school. During this day, students can do different experiments with the help of volunteers and can use their creativity to prepare experiment practicals. Each student chooses a different experiment and expresses how they did the experiment. Additionally, students can give speeches and sing songs related to Science Day. It is a wonderful opportunity for every student to express their talent in school. Volunteers, coordinators, and school staff help by conducting experiments and organizing science fairs, while students give presentations of seminars and exhibitions to include their knowledge in the field of science. Different types of co-curricular activities in school are chosen to develop an overall personality of a student.

PET Activities

During the month of February, PET activities were in progress. PET conducted yoga classes and students practiced various asanas. Through consistent exercise, the students have gained greater flexibility, allowing them to perform even the most challenging asanas with ease. Indoor games like carom and chess board were also organized for students to participate in. By engaging in daily exercise, the students are becoming more physically and mentally strong. PET emphasizes the importance of different activities such as proper sitting postures, standing, laying down, and meditation. The students are fortunate to have access to such a good PET program provided by our foundation.

Self Governance Day

Every year in the month of February, we conduct a self-governance day (sway paripalana) for students, which is always a delightful occasion. Only students from the third, fourth, and fifth grades participate in this event. Self-governance day helps to develop professionally important skills such as organizational and communicative abilities, as well as other important qualities. It also helps students to understand the importance of rules and regulations, and the responsibilities that come with being a leader. During this day, students become aware of how easy it is to criticize someone in a position of authority and how difficult it can be to actually be in that position. Volunteers are on hand to help students and provide guidance. Speeches are given by the students, and volunteers provide gifts to show their appreciation. Self-governance day is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow and develop important life skills.

Dance Classes

Every week, students are guaranteed to have at least one day of dance class. A dance master visits the students and provides instruction, helping them to improve their coordination and match steps with precision. Volunteers are also present to guide and provide additional feedback to enhance the students’ performance. During dance practice, students learn a specific dance routine set to a particular song, and some competitions are held to showcase their skills. The dance master explains the fundamentals of dance, including proper order, lines, and spacing. Students who excel are chosen to give demonstrations, which helps to motivate and inspire their peers’ demonstrations.

Education & Skills

Volunteers are teaching Telugu two-letter words and opposite words to children. Learning new words is essential for every child’s academic development, and building a strong vocabulary is the foundation for learning any language. By having a strong vocabulary, children can easily comprehend their lessons. Our volunteers provide worksheets on a weekly basis, containing Telugu, English, and math. These worksheets are a highly effective source of learning for students, besides classroom teaching. They make the curriculum easy to understand through interactive exercises and activities, and also help improve the student’s handwriting. The worksheets also include drawing activities that allow students to express their creativity with wonderful colors. Our volunteers conduct daily preparation camps for students, focusing on one subject per day such as Telugu, English, and math. Volunteers provide one lesson per day for children to learn, write in the worksheet, and return the next day. This approach helps students to easily learn and understand their lessons.


Our foundation recently organized a MAP program in the Jakapur and Bakrichepyal villages. This program was held under the auspices of the Earth Foundation, and it involved the participation of students, mothers, headmasters, staff members, and volunteers. Our coordinators Sirisha and Ramya organized the program, with the support of parents who conducted one-minute games. This was a happy moment for parents who enjoyed spending time playing games with their children. The games included activities like balloon games and putting thermacol balls on shadows, and every mother participated. Volunteers also discussed the pros and cons of mobile phones and television with the parents. The coordinators emphasized that parents have a responsibility to ensure their children complete their given work at home. Parents expressed their pride in the Earth Foundation for conducting such different activities that improve children’s knowledge. The coordinators even presented games for the participants of the one-minute program. Overall, the MAP program was a huge success in promoting community engagement and family bonding.

Telugu Language Day

The school conducts various programs, including Telugu Language Day, where students can give speeches and sing songs related to Telugu language. The school headmaster, staff members, and our coordinators work together to make these programs successful. Our foundation presents gifts to the participating candidates, and we are proud to say that the Earth Foundation is spreading technology all over the world. The Telangana Cricket Association Karyadarshi, Guruva Reddy, visited Velkatoor School after seeing the pictures of our activities on Facebook. He appreciated our volunteers and coordinators and donated t-shirts and sports equipment to the students. Guruva Reddy is an important person in the Telangana Rashtra Cricket Security. Our coordinator honored him and gave him a gift. We are all grateful to him for his support.