April 2024

  • EArtH Foundation Annual Celebrations
  • Pada Puja for mothers
  • Mobile Science Lab
  • Computer Classes
  • Maharashtra Reports
    • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Birthday Anniversary Celebration
    • Pre-School Preparation Program
    • Annual Examinations

Note: This newsletter was created by our youth volunteer Suhani Kollisetty. Thanks Suhani for volunteering.

As the academic year drew to a close, annual day celebrations commenced in our adopted schools, starting with Thimmapur and followed by Kammarlapalli. For students, this marked a memorable transition as they prepared to advance to the next grade. The festivities were marked by numerous performances, including folk, western, and classical dances, yoga demonstrations, and dramas conveying meaningful messages. Director Mangalampalli Raju graced the occasion as the chief guest, delivering an inspirational speech emphasizing the significance of education and extracurricular activities in shaping young minds, and commending the organization’s role in this endeavor. The event drew an audience of 430 parents, showcasing their unwavering support for their children and the school. Their active participation added to the joyous atmosphere, encouraging students and enhancing the celebration. Each performance, meticulously choreographed and rehearsed, highlighted the dedication of both students and teachers. This annual celebration provided a platform for students to showcase their talents, fostering confidence and receiving positive reinforcement from parents and guests, motivating them to pursue their passions further.

It has been twelve years since Earth Foundation began its mission to uplift rural India through students, who play a major role in the country’s future. Over this time, the foundation has adopted numerous schools and conducted various programs for holistic development. One such initiative was MAP (Mothers Awareness Program) aimed at educating mothers about their children and their education. Many individuals have contributed significantly to the organization over these years. They play a crucial role; while a person may have many ideas, without such volunteers or staff, those ideas cannot be realized. During this special occasion, old volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort to Earth Foundation were honored. Each was presented with an Earth Foundation wall clock as a token of appreciation for their commitment and contributions. The event also recognized schools adopted by Earth Foundation, fostering stronger bonds among volunteers, adopted schools, and the children themselves. Celebrations across all adopted schools included cake-cutting and the distribution of wall clocks, expressing a desire to expand the organization to more schools and implement additional programs for the overall development of children in rural India.

Mothers play a crucial role in shaping their children’s future. Their efforts deserve recognition and appreciation. While many children may perceive mothers solely as providers and caretakers, it’s essential for every child to truly know, understand, assist, and respect their mother. Recognizing her sacrifices and expressing gratitude are fundamental. To showcase this appreciation, the Organization initiated a significant event: Mother Foot Worship. Engaging both 5th and 10th-grade students, the foundation successfully executed this program. The students wholeheartedly embraced the task, comprehending the importance of respecting their mothers. Some mothers became emotional and delighted, witnessing their children’s respect and gratitude.

The Mobile Science Lab caters to high school students and will be relocated to a different school every 45 days. Equipped with apparatus for various science experiments, students engage in hands-on learning to deepen their understanding of scientific concepts. This month, the lab was stationed at Velkatoor High School, Siddipet. Students conducted physics experiments involving electricity, voltage, ammeters, and microscopes. Physics can be challenging without laboratory practice. Students are fully utilizing this resource and reaping its benefits.

As part of the skills program, computer classes proceeded smoothly, with students quickly grasping concepts. As the academic year draws to a close this month, students are revising topics from the beginning and honing their skills. Through this practice, they aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject, enabling them to apply their knowledge in various contexts. Much of the practice focused on Word and Excel, given their pivotal roles in handling diverse datasets.

Every year on the 14th of April, we celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Garu, the man behind our greatest constitution. In our adopted schools as well, a small program was conducted where the staff and volunteers offered prayers to this great personality. They also spoke about his contributions and urged students to take such personalities as inspiration for their future growth. Several students also came forward and delivered speeches based on their knowledge and information collected from teachers.

Preschool education programs help children develop socially, academically, and physically, preparing them for primary education. It was conducted for children who are about to embark on their journey as students. As part of it, students were assessed on basic skills and identification.

As it is the end of the academic year, it is highly important to participate in the annual exams and perform well. These results will promote them to the next class. Understanding the importance of learning, students have prepared diligently and given their best in the exams. To aid in their preparation, many revision classes and study hours were conducted prior to the exams.