November 2021 Updates

Childline Updates

The month of November has witnessed around 140 Childline rescues.
Children living in distress and helpless conditions were rescued by our child-line team from various districts. Today, we would like to share with you two of most challenging child rescue operations and celebrate the commitment of our child-line team .

Abandoned Child

On 04-11-2021 our team received a call on our 1098 helpline number from Mustabad police station regarding an abandoned baby girl; who was found near police station, in the early hours of morning. 
We immediately informed the line department and left to Pothgal primary health centre along with ICPS- PONIC, ICDS- Supervisor and Police constables. The baby was rescued and given preliminary medical support. The Primary health care doctor confirmed that, the baby was born about 8 hours earlier and was healthy. Post checkup, the Mustabadh police handed over the child to our child-line team. In accordance with the CWC instruction, we worked with the ICPS & ICDS team to move the baby from the “Primary health centre Pothgal” to the District Govt hospital in Sircilla, for further health examinations. The District Government doctor further examined the baby and confirmed that the baby was healthy . Furthering the CWC instructions, we kept the child in the custody of Shishu Gruha, Karimnagar.

Child Marriage

On Nov 6th around 12:45pm, we received a marriage case from CCC. 14 year old Anjali from Pallimaktha village, Konaraopeta mandal, Rajanna Sircilla district was going to get married. We immediately informed CMPO’s and Line departments and reached the child’s home along with DCPO, ASI, ICDS Supervisor, Police Head Constable, MRO and Anganwadi teacher. We took all the details and verified age proof certificates such as Aadhar,  study certificates and confirmed that her age is below 18 years. We then provided counseling to parents and child. We explained about prohibition of child marriage act-2006 rules and also about health, mental and physical problems that child will face and also that it is punishable for one year jail. After counseling they changed their opinion and postponed the marriage. The child is now living with parents and  back in school.

Syllabus Review

With the reopening of physical classes for schools, we worked with adopted schools to review the curriculum covered in online classes, and held extra classes for the children to clarify their doubts, revise the curriculum and prepare for their exams. This helped the children bridge the gap between the online & physical classes, and helped building confidence in them.
We distributed exercise sheets, Telugu & English handwriting copies in our schools, which served as add-on tools for the children to practice their skills. 

Uniform Distributions

Uniforms promote the spirit of a school, create belongingness and create great memories of school days. At Earth Foundation, we have always identified this small, but immensely impactful part school life, and have been routinely distributing school uniforms in Government Schools to support children who don’t have access to them. 
In November, we distributed our specially designed uniforms including ties, belts & badges to the students at the Nallamadugula government school, Prakasam district. The uniforms put smiles to the faces of our children, who are now excited about coming back to physical schooling. 

Arts & Crafts

At EArtH Foundation, we have always focused as Art & Craft as an important aspect of the holistic development of children at schools. This month, we introduced children to creating art by using leaves. We encouraged them to use their imagination and create animal art with leaves. The kids took us by surprise with their skills, learnt a lot and most importantly had loads of fun!

Children’s Day Celebrations

Our Children’s Day celebrations this year were a mix of cultural activities & important initiatives for child welfare. We started a “Self-Governance and Child Rights week” initiative in the villages we have adopted to bring awareness on child rights. Our children also participated in cultural activities like dance to celebrate the occasion.

Kindly watch these children’s day celebration videos:

Showcasing dance skills

Speaking about History of children’s day in India

Speaking about children’s day in Hindi language

Dance Classes

In line with our philosophy of art being an integral aspect of child development, we have encouraged children to participate in cultural events like dance. Our children not only enjoy dancing, but have been ace-performers in state and district level dance competitions. Our dance instructors have been working hard with the children for the up-coming annual day celebrations. The energies are high, and rejuvenating for our kids who are now back to school.

Yoga and Sports