EArtH RUN Against Covid Challenge

EArtH foundation organized a virtual fitness challenge called EArtH RUN Against Covid Challenge to raise raise funds and fight against Covid in India, and help motivate participants to be more fit at the same time. EArtH Foundation is a non-profit organizations that focuses of Education, Art and Health, and has already created a positive impact on the lives of more than 3,000 children in 18 villages. In this crisis, we understand that helping every Covid impacted families in these villages by providing basic supplies and services such as Oxygen Concentrators, Oxymeters, Filling Prescriptions, Groceries, Emotional Support, Awareness Camps, etc. will help us with our mission in the long term. EArtH foundation helped Covid-impacted families in 2020 on a small scale as you can see in these pictures but we are doing it on a bigger scale this year. Covid related help has already started in these villages. We bought four oxygen concentrators, masks, sanitizers and necessary food items.

Prize Winners

EArtH team is happy to announce the top three winners in fitness and fundraising categories. Congratulations to all the winners. We will send $100 Amazon gift card to all the winners as a token of appreciation.

Top Fitness: (Walking/Running for two weeks)

  1. Suhani Kollisetty (226 miles)
  2. Manasa (133 miles)
  3. Krishay Bandari (127 miles)

Top Fundraisers:

  1. Khyathi Bulusu ($1199)
  2. Suhani Kollisetty ($1056)
  3. Sai Bhuvanachandra ($620)

Special shout-out to Sahani and Khyathi for going above and beyond, to raise funds for EArtH Foundation and helping villages in India, despite their young age. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Also, it’s amazing to see young kids (Krishay, Suhani and Khyathi) in the top three and playing a big role for a great cause. I am sure their parents must be proud.

How did EArtH help with Covid relief in India so far?

EArtH spent about $7300 so far on the below material and services

  1. Five Oxygen Concentrators – $5500.
  2. Established Covid help centers in a few villages – $500.
  3. Hired local health experts in these villages – $500.
  4. 3000 Masks – $800.
  5. Oxymeters, Masks, Sanitizers, PPEs, Face Shields donated by a medical distributor.

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