December 2016 Highlights

Physical Education Teacher working with EArtH students

Teaching learning material (TLM)

Teaching learning material(TLM) prepared by Pedarathpally EF staff member for creative teaching of English

Clay toys made by EF students

Farmers Awareness Camp

Tungala Srinivas, one of the board members of EArtH, conducted an awareness camp on proper agriculture in Pedarathpally. 25 people attended. Lot of people loose money because of lack of basic knowledge on agriculture, this is to help those people.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping exercise with kids. Take a topic and list objects/words related to the topic.

Math Olympiad

On the occasion of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birthday, EArtH staff and Garrepally HM Sudhakar garu conducted Math Olympiad in EArtH-adopted Garrepally school.

Total 17 schools participated in this event – 2 kids, Head Master and parents from each school. Prizes were given to first 4 winners. Thanks to Karimnagar DEO, MEO for attending this event.

Also, EArth kids demonstrated their artistic skills in this event in front of a big audience including DEO, MEO, 17 HMs, parents.

Art work by EArtH students