December 2022 Updates


Childline Updates

EArtH partners with Child line-1098 in three villages. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 in November 2022 is 60. Total children saved by EArtH Child line-1098 to-date is 4119. Please visit main childline page to learn more about this project.

Sports Material Distribution

On December 9th, we distributed ties, belts, badges and sports equipment with Dubbak Constituency MLA Sri Raghunandhan Rao in our adopted school MPPS Arepally. The event was attended by our EF Director Mangalampally Raju, Mirdoddi MEO and Mandal level officials.

Ambedkar Vardhanthi

We celebrated Dr. B.R Ambedkar Vradhanthi Day on December 6th at our school in Thimmapur. We educated the children about Ambedkar’s role as the father of the Indian Constitution. Our volunteers also drew a picture of him and tributes were paid to his memory.

MAP program in MPPS Thimmapur

On December 17th, we held a Mothers Awareness Program (MAP) at MPPS Thimmapur School. We discussed the following topics with the parents of the children:

Afterwards, we conducted one-minute games and distributed prizes to the winners.

National Mathematician Day 

Our volunteers celebrated National Mathematics Day at MPPS Arepally School on December 22, 2022. The children prepared equations and symbols using drawing charts.

EF Skills Event Preparations

We organized EArtH Skills event in January 2023. Our PETs and Dance Masters and volunteers prepared children to our organization level skills and sports competition. Here is the glimpse of how EArtH children put dedication and worked hard for preparing this event.