Stationery 2023

We as a foundation are responsible  for providing  hygiene and holistic education for underprivileged  students who are studying  in our adopted government  schools. Your donations will help them . 

In EArtH Foundation’s adopted underprivileged villages, along with joining underprivileged kids to government schools, we also provide them holistic education to provide the right skills, values, and attitude. Part of that process is also providing essential fine quality material to the children that can last long. We need to make sure that every kid has the chance to be successful in life. The only thing we need for that to happen is your help.

On this page, we ask you to donate stationery items to these kids. Sponsoring all these materials to one kid costs just $16 for the whole year (1300 rs). There is a requirement for about 2200 students across our 12 active villages. Choose any of the buttons to represent how many kids you are sponsoring for. For a short description of each material, please look in the FAQ section below.

Uniform set
School bags (set)
EArtH designed Holistic Curriculum books
Stationary kit for improving academic learning levels


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Support Our Cause

We will need these resources to provide holistic development to our adopted children in our 12 new active villages.


Stationery cost for each kid is $16 (1300 rs)

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Our Work


Uniform Sets

Uniform sets contain clothes, ties, belts, and badges. Uniforms give a sense of equality and unity among our government school students irrespective of their caste, creed, social status. It also serves these underprivileged kids as an extra pair of clothes in their lives.

School Bags

Many kids come with weak or torn school bags that puts them in danger of losing or spoiling their books. Giving them fine quality school bags will give them a good sense of safety of their school materials.

EArtH designed Holistic Curriculum books

We designed our own holistic curriculum which is given to students in the form of a book. Our students work on this book everyday guided by our rigorously trained Vidya Volunteers. This book covers aspects including Drawing, Story Telling, Elocution, Health, Social values, Moral values.

Stationary Sets

Stationary sets contain the following and more…

  • EArtH designed worksheets that strengthen our students’ academic learning levels in English, Math and the local language (Telugu, Marathi, Hindi).
  • Drawing accessories like crayons, charts, sheets, etc.
  • Scrap books and pencils.