November 2016 Highlights

EArtH started giving Professional Training in Sports

So far EF has provided sports kits to its adopted schools and provided basic exposure to indoor and outdoor sports, but without much professional training. We have recently hired a sports professional (PET) to improve on this. We will be providing professional training in sports, exercises, and yoga going forward.

We all know sports is useful aspect for every person and is preferable to learn this from early age. Lately, there has been reasonable importance for sports in Indian public (from Indian public response for 2016 Olympic medals), but sadly not enough encouragement and funding is coming from government sports bodies. We hope this will change and all Indian schools (public and private) will start providing exposure to sports.

Conducted MAP (Mothers Awareness Program) in all 9 EArtH adopted villages

For those who are unaware – MAP’s objective is to mobilize parents to take good care of their kids’ education and overall wellbeing. Highlighting some activities:
Inspire parents to teach good daily habits to their kids such as reading, writing, homework (EArtH’s worksheets)
Prizes to parents who stand best in each category (in relation to their duties towards their kids). We have 8 categories.
One min games for parents, to inculcate interest in these meetings and to help them open up.
Make kids exhibit their skills in front of their parents (public speaking, singing, drawing). We think, this makes parents realize their kids’ talent.
Encourage parents to attend other awareness meetings and speak out when they find something is not right in school or with the kids studies.

EArtH gave School Bags to its adopted kids

We distributed school bags to kids during MAP program
EF gave School Bags to its adopted kids of villages adopted before 2016. School bags is one of the few materialistic help that EArtH provides since it aligns with org’s overall goal.
Lot of kids can’t afford proper school bags.
Helps get parents emotionally closer to the org thus helping in org’s awareness/mindset-change goal.

Srirampur Chenchu girl

Akhila is a 5th standard girl from Kalvasrirampur. She belongs to Chenchu tribe (tribe’s profession is hunting). Earth Foundation enrolled few of their kids to school. We are happy to notice them come to school regularly. Akhila participated as a teacher in children’s day celebrations in our school. She says she wants to be a role model to her tribe/community.

Creative work by an EArtH’s student

Drawings by EF students at Bhupatipur

Children’s day celebrated in 6 of 9 EF adopted schools

Monitoring Midday Meals

Parents checking midday meals at Raghavapur school. This is part earth’s awareness goal where we encourage parents to check the quality of services provided by school (teaching, facilities, food, etc) and discuss if something is wrong.