October 2016 Highlights

Staff Training

EF provides training to its staff two times a year for new and old employees. This
is to enhance and keep them up-to-date on their teaching skills and also on EF’s goals,
methods and content which are
1) Bring all kids to school with permanent change (via awareness to villagers).
2) Provide personality developing education to kids.

We finished 3-day training for staff in 6 villages. Training for other 3 villages was
already completed earlier this year.

Survey to assess child’s development

During Dushera holidays, EArtH staff has conducted survey to assess child’s essential basic
The survey is on daily habits, homework, health, thought process.
We finished the survey in Garrepally, Bhupatipur, and Mutharam villages.
Most kids in these villages are significantly behind in these basic aspects, which we take
for granted. We believe parents play an important role in teaching these aspects.

We created a questionnaire for parents on aspects for their kids.

With each kid we check
– if parents are helping their kids daily in writing/reading and homework in the evening
– if kids brush teeth, have breakfast, take bath before going to school
– sleeping hours
– if parents monitor progress report of their kids

For each question, we also provide recommendations.
We will be setting up a meeting for all parents, discuss about the results and provide
feedback on what they should improve on.

Kids engineering project

4th grade Garepally kids built toy houses for kid’s engineering project

Awareness camp – Emergency services (September update)

We conducted an awareness camp about Ambulance – Emergency Services (108) provided
by government of AP & TELANGANA in Bhoopatipur Primary school SC COLONY.

We explained to kids:
What Ambulance is?
How it works?
What is inside and outside?

Mother’s Awareness Program (MAP) in pedarathpally

MAP program is one of EArtH’s awareness programs, the goal of the program is to encourage
and appreciate parents to take good care of their kids’ studies and general wellbeing. We
monitor the parents’ commitment and progress from previous meetings.
Activities at the program:
* Conduct 1 minute games with prizes to parents.
* Make kids exhibit their skills in front of their parents.
This time, we also distributed school bags to kids.

More tribal (chenchu) kids to school

EF Brought more tribal (chenchu) kids to school in pedarathpally. These kids
are very poor and isolated.  We arranged a local shop to donate clothes to them.
We are happy to see these kids start coming to school regularly so far.

In-Class Exercises

Problem solving exercise of 4th grade kids

English word exercises – fill in missing letters

EF staff helped Pedarathpally kids prepare this flower bouquet