Satya Neerumalla

EArtH has done good work in our village ‘Guttikonda’ for the last 1 year.
1. It all started with EArtH doing a survey in the village to evaluate if it is a good fit for adoption.
2. Regular visits by dance, personality development and P.T teachers from EArtH helped to connect bond with kids and school staff.
3. Full time computer teacher was appointed for class 6th to 10th students and basic skills are being taught.
4. During summer holidays, hand writing coaching camp was very helpful for kids of all ages.

These are just starting steps, I am sure EArtH will stay on course and continue to improve on to bring all-round development in kids.

It is extremely hard job to work at grass root level, it involves changing mindsets of school staff, parents, villagers and students.
I really thank and appreciate EArtH team for their relentless efforts under the guidance of Pramodh and Srinivas.