Vamshi Velampalli

I am fortunate to be able to provide good academic education and all round development for my kids. I believe people living in cities in India are well aware of the need for good education and extracurricular activities. People living in villages are lacking behind in this aspect due to multiple reasons.
1) Parents are not aware of the need for education for their kids
2) economic problems, parents have to send kids to work for earning
3) govt school is in bad shape, so parents think better not to send them
4) and many other factors
I am happy to associate with EarthIndia team. They are trying sincerely to improve education quality in villages as well spreading awareness to parents so that they send their kids to school.
EarthIndia is teaming up with govt schools in India to achieve these goals. EarthIndia employs dedicated staff in their adopted schools. EarthIndia staff works with school staff and they complement each other.
Stats speak for themselves, there is significant improvement in student attendance and their academic and all round development.