Deepika Sure

Never seen such a selfless initiative … which in-turn is changing many kids lives. Really glad to have known Pramod Garu, Earth foundation  and his initiative which has shown a path to many kids to build their future. No one will ever be disappointed for contributing to this cause.

Earth foundation takes utmost care about providing kids with Academic skills as well as Awareness about environment and surroundings and concentrates on the personality development of the kids too. It’s not just academics but the way to live is being taught. Not just the kids but also awareness is created in parents about all these aspects. As we know “Pen is mightier than Sword”, these kids will be in a position to handle their lives in much better way than otherwise.

  The whole team of Earth Foundation puts in commendable effort. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Imagine a world with a much better future generation. It’s possible because of you, Earth Foundation.