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EArtH Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as 501(c)(3) in US and 80G in India (Tax ID : 81-1851166) committed to helping underprivileged children in India realize their human potential through a strong focus on education and holistic development. We aim to achieve this in a unique way by promoting sustainable education. This is made possible by instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst students, parents and village elders.



EArtH Foundation’s operating model is unique and distinct. it has been established to help underprivileged Indian children in villages who do not receive a stable and high-quality educational experience. Poorly managed government schools often lack proper infrastructure, resources, teachers and personnel and these are principal reasons for this outcome. Additionally, parents of these children often work as daily labor and need to move from village to village frequently to find gainful employment. This leads to missed classes, poor attendance and an overall disruption in the education received by these children.


Our contribution makes the world a better place.