Skill Contest 2022

We are excited to conduct our 2022 Global Skills Contest to encourage kids around the world to showcase their skills. Skill development is at the center of our holistic education in our adopted villages, which makes this event inline with our work in our adopted villages. In this event, we are focusing on Drawing/Painting, Writing, and Speaking skills. Similar to our 2020 Skills Contest, this is a virtual event where, after registering, you do the work offline and upload the work via a link, all within the deadline. Through your participation in this event, we will be (holistically) educating more kids in underprivileged areas of India.

Theme - Impact of Covid on kids

This event’s theme is “Impact of COVID on kids”. This theme applies to all 3 skills, i.e, your drawing work or writing piece or your speech should be on this theme/topic. We encourage all participating children to unleash their imagination skills and be creative in their work. For example, what are the positive sides of COVID in your life? What changes did COVID bring in your schools or teaching/learning process or your families? What are some struggles caused by COVID? Am sure you can think of many more ideas!

Why participate ?

Participate and Educate! Your participation in this competition will eventually help EArtH educate more underprivileged kids in rural India. Please communicate this to your kids, so they feel a sense of purpose while participating in this competition.


Drawing / Painting




Grand prize of CHROMEBOOK or TABLET for the best submission as per this criteria. 1st prize: EArtH backpack; 2nd prize: Water bottle; 3rd prize: Coloring pencil set.


Participating in this competition is free from India and  $10 for the rest. However, you can donate more if you wish when registering.


March 29th, 2022

The deadline to submit is  March 29th, 2022 (deadline extended).

Virtual (Online Upload)

This is a virtual competition. A confirmation email will have instructions to submit work online. Please go through these rules & regulations before submitting your work and use this upload form for submitting your work.


Join us on social media – Instagram and Facebook to receive contest updates, prize announcements and join the WhatsApp group that you received in the confirmation email.

Contact us:

As you may know, EArtH (Education|Art|Health) Foundation puts significant focus on Arts with its sponsored kids (~3500 kids so far), as part of our Personality Development curriculum. These pages can give you a synopsis of what EArtH does in its partnered villages: EArtH Mission, EArtH Child, and Operating Model. With the same spirit, we want kids and adults around the world to share their passion for skills by participating in this free and fun contest in  Drawing, Painting, Speaking, and Writing. We are excited to bring out the inner artists in you. Through this competition, we also hope to raise awareness about Earth Foundation’s activities.


 Pics are drawn by EArtH kids (as part of our Holistic curriculum).